E3 2019 Press Conference Schedule & Predictions

E3 2019 Press Conference Schedule & Predictions

The next E3 is fast approaching so its time to take a look at press conference schedule. With the lineups not announced yet, lets take a look at some predictions.

E3 2019 Press Conference Schedule & Predictions

E3 2019 will run from June 11th until June 13th but there are press conferences being held before this starting on June 9th. But its not all business as usual this year as two major companies are opting to forgo, EA and Sony have already stated they won’t be holding a press conference. However EA will still hold some livestreams during E3 week and EA Play will take place from June 7th to 9th. This means Square Enix have taken Sony’s usual time slot, moving around the lineup. So let’s take a look at what’s coming!

Microsoft – Sunday 9th June – 1pm PT

While one console giant won’t be coming, Microsoft will be there giving the latest of what’s to come for Xbox One which will mostly be more talk of Game Pass and xCloud. It is expected that we’ll see more first party game such as Gears 5 and Halo Infinite but there is still a bit of a mystery of what’s to follow. Xbox might be picking up the slack in terms of third party game with the absence of Playstation, we could see some Call of Duty: Modern Warfare or even Cyberpunk 2077, CD Projekt Red already have said they would be attending so this might not be that big of a jump.

Bethesda – Sunday 9th June – 5:30 PM PT

While its a safe bet to see more Doom Eternal, maybe Bethesda will be able to shed some more light on their plans for Fallout 76? The developer has already confirmed that they won’t be sharing any Elder Scrolls 6 news unfortunately or their upcoming new IP Starfield.

Ubisoft – Monday 10th June – 1:00 PM PT

While its unlikely we will see any new Assassin’s Creed titles as Ubisoft have comment they wouldn’t have a new entry until 2020. Watch Dogs 3 could be on the list and a closer look at Beyond Good & Evil 2 or the long ago teased Pioneer.

Square Enix – Monday 10th June – 6:00 PM PT

It looks like we’ll be seeing more of Final Fantasy VII Remake following Sony’s State of Play which revealed a brand new trailer for the title and ended with more news coming in June. Even if Sony isn’t taking the stage, Square Enix could be giving us a better look at the gameplay for the awaited remake. There also could be more Avengers on the horizon and maybe some more surprises.

Nintendo – Tuesday 11th June – 9:00 PM PT

Nintendo will be releasing a new Nintendo Direct that will coincide with E3. Pokemon Sword and Shield RPG is their upcoming title set to release later this year, we will probably get a better look at what’s in store for fans of the franchise. Animal Crossing is also another likely featured title as it will be heading to the Nintendo Switch. More Fire Emblem, Super Mario Maker 2 and The Legend of Zelda: Links Awakening is also on the cards.

We will keep you posted with any E3 updates in the run up, don’t forget to check out our coverage as we will be at E3 2019. What are you anticipating from this year’s E3? Let us know in the comments below.


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