Dragon’s Dogma & Devil May Cry Director To Announce a New Game This Year

Dragon’s Dogma & Devil May Cry Director To Announce a New Game This Year

Hideaki Itsuno, director of Dragon’s Dogma and Devil May Cry said via Twitter that he will announce a new game in 2017.

We are entering the 15th anniversary of the Devil May Cry series so it very well could be a new game in the franchise, which last saw a release in 2013. However, 2012’s Dragon’s Dogma was a very popular new IP for Capcom and fans of the game have been clamboring for a sequel. Capcom said that the success of the recent PC port could lead to a sequel, and the time is ripe to capitalize on the Action RPG genre.

What side of the fence to you fall on? Want more DmC in your life or are you desperate for some epic monster slaying? We’re big fans ourselves of both games, but have really found ourselves really wanting a proper Dragon’s Dogma sequel, with the agonizing knowledge of the Dragon’s Dogma Online that is presently a Japan only experience.

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6 comments on “Dragon’s Dogma & Devil May Cry Director To Announce a New Game This Year”

  1. Avatar Valvatorez says:

    A Dragon´s Dogma 2 would be soooo awesome. Dragon´s Dogma is one of my favourite Actions RPGs.
    One of the few things I didn´t liked about it was that you can only have a sinlge save game at a time. Playing as Mage was quite different from playing Warrior, but to really enjoy a class you had to start with it. Switching your class sadly wouldn´t adjust all your stats. So switchting from Mage to Warrior would make you a Warrior with low health and strength.

  2. Avatar Emergence says:

    I feel similarly about Dragon’s Dogma. Despite its litany of frustrating design choices, I found myself hopelessly attached to the gameplay. Combat is just so gratifying. If they were to refine some of the interface and navigation issues and back end design choices while building on the pawns and adding multiplayer it would become a game of the year contender.

  3. Aiddon says:

    Just give me DMC5.

  4. Avatar Forum_Pirate says:

    Multiplayer is a trap. There are 3 potential outcomes of multiplayer.

    1) Pawns are useless. The AI of Pawns can be quite good, but it will not compare to a decent human player. If the enemies are designed around having multiple people, pawns will not be sufficent.

    2) The game is stupidly easy. If they don’t design enemies around having multiple people, if you *do* have multiple people then you’ll quickly and easily destroy everything because the human player is better than the pawns they intended you to use.

    3) They change the mechanics between single player and multi player, meaning if you play single player you only get half the experience. (IE the real experience is the multiplayer experience, leaving pawns mostly useless.)

    In no situation is this of benefit to the whole playerbase, and in fact it actively detracts from the experience for large sections of it in every case. I’ve read reviews of DDO, they more or less confirm my suspicion by complaining that enemies are tedious and frustrating solo because pawns can’t realistically fill in for actual players. Multiplayer would quite effectively gut the most unique aspect of Dragon’s Dogma.

    I also don’t agree that it (or most any other game) needs or would benefit from more fast travel, what it needs is what BBI did: do more to make the traveling more interesting. More "random" encounters in more "random" places throughout the world (Ie they’re all hand placed to be interesting and fair, they just don’t always show up and/or multiple can show up and it turns into a 3 or 4 way free for all) so that the world retains it’s sense of mystery and danger for longer.. This is especially true as 3 strategically placed portcrystals can see you be within a 5 minute walk (assuming you run past things instead of fighting) of any place on the map.

  5. Avatar Emergence says:

    I can see your point about multiplayer. I do like the pawn system and had a lot of fun picking out just the right one from my friends. Although having an uber pawn from a friend does trivialize the game in the way you say multiplayer would.

    I don’t have a problem with traversal as it is now, I loved the portcrystal system. By navigation I mean how it relates to the menus, I just found navigating around the inventory and other game menus to be so much more obtuse than it needed to be. Inventory management in general was kind of a confusing pain in the ass.

  6. Avatar Forum_Pirate says:

    I think they should be downscaled to your level (or not free.)

    You can opt out of over leveled pawns though. You can’t opt out of mechanical changes you get no say in. You could opt out of multiplayer in the first scenario I presented, but if the single player experience is the better experience then why would we want any other way?

    Fundamentally, most of DD mechanics would be fine in a multiplayer oriented game, in fact they could be really cool and expand on the climbing/pinning/weakspots to require a coordinated team of players to take them down and it would be amazing, I just don’t see it fitting DD specifically because it’s centeral gimick (the pawns) is fundamentally at odds until and unless the AI is capable of passing for a human player. If the AI was sufficently advanced, I’d happily withdraw my objection (and then play alone anyways because I’m like that.)

    Maybe if it was like a full on seperate mode where you’re dungeon crawling and can’t bring pawns, but that doesn’t tend to be the type of multiplayer people mean when they ask for it.

    Oh yeah, the inventory system has got to go. So does how it handles consumable items in general for that matter. Preapts and blast arrows (together or appart) suck the fun right out, as does spamming healing or stamina items. Even a super crude "fullness" meter that prevents you using more than 1 or 2 items in a 2 minute period would be a dramatic improvement.

    The leveling system needs work too. I shouldn’t need 200 levels as a sorcerer to play an "ideal" magic archer or MK build. I think they meant to encouage experimenting with he augment system, but the stat growths actively punish you for not doing a really weird kind of grinding for whatever specific build you want.

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