Dragon Star Varnir Starter Guide & Tips

Dragon Star Varnir Starter Guide & Tips

It’s a rough life for a Witch. Everyone hates them, they are fated to go mad or die by birthing a Dragon. In this Dragon Star Varnir Starter Guide, I’ll be providing several tips as well as breaking down the mechanics of the game so you may prolong your life out in Varneria.

Dragon Star Varnir Starter Guide & Tips

Dragon Star Varnir has a unique battle system that splits the battle field into three different layers, meaning only physical attacks can hit foes on the same layer. While magical attacks have a wider range of reach, affecting all layers. Use your party of witches and their abilities to best enemies, with dragon forms issuing powerful finishing moves. See special in-game events by charming these witches in order to gain their affections which unlocks their affinity levels. Read on to find out how combat mechanics work, physical attacks, magical attacks, skill customization, how dragons work as well as the huntery.

Combat Mechanics

Dragon Star Varnir possesses an aerial, triple layer turn based combat. There are top, middle, and bottom levels where both party member and enemies will be positioned. Players can move throughout the levels to activate positioning bonuses as well as tactically pushing enemies onto traps that the players set. Boss level dragons are so enormous they take up a slot in all 3 layers! Aim for a specific part of their body like their legs (lower body) or abdomen (middle body) and break them (delete their health to 0) to negate them from using select skills like healing or a damaging skill.

This becomes highly imperative to do during boss fights on hard mode as each boss is higher level than your party and deal heavy damage. Breaking their body parts will temporarily stun them allowing you to cycle between their parts and head. For example: aim for legs to break, then aim for head for a turn then shift towards the stomach until broken to proc another stun. Finally, defeat the head by out DPS-ing the boss and healing for more than they deal.

Physical Attacks

Physical attacks can only be performed against enemies on the same level as the character using the attack. If players manage to obtain a critical hit while attacking an enemy’s weak point they may stun the enemy which will negate their turn. Use this against enemies that outclass your party. The 4 types of physical attacks are:

  • Hit
  • Pierce
  • Shoot
  • Slash

Magic Attacks & It’s Types

Magical attacks allow players to attack enemies on other levels. The benefit to this is that the enemy will have a harder time trying to aim for you. The drawback is that you won’t be able to obtain critical hits from these attacks. You may still deal heavy damage by utilizing the enemy attribute weakness and exploiting it. The 6 attributes of magical attacks are:

  • Dark
  • Earth
  • Fire
  • Light
  • Water
  • Wind

Customizing Character’s Skill Sets

Each character possesses 4 types of skills:

  • Devour
  • Magic
  • Passive
  • Physical

Up to 5 skills per type can be equipped at a time and each category has a limit of 20. Always tailor each character skills towards your next battle to maintain control of the fight. It is recommended that all your characters have varied skills to ensure you always have the enemy dragon’s weakness to deal heavy damage. This becomes paramount on hard mode as the dragons have high life pools.

Devour, Magic, Physical

Devouring the Dragons

The main goal in each encounter is to damage and consume the dragon. In order to increase your chances of successfully devouring the dragon you must increase their Fear Level. Increasing their Fear Level is done by using their weakness against them. The higher the Fear Level the the easier it will be to eat the dragons!

Once the enemy’s Fear Level is 100%, this will trigger a weak point rush to occur! This mechanic allows 3 allies to execute a consecutive rush attack with the last person performing the Devour skill. If the enemy’s HP drops to 0 during the rush, the Devour skill is guaranteed to be successful. Invoke fear and consume to your heart’s desire!

Consuming the dragon will allow the character to consume their Dragon Core which is a skill tree of sorts. Invest points to learn special bonuses like extra mana or extra health. Each Dragon has it’s own Core so be sure to eat often. Despite the game telling you a 0% devour rate on a full health enemy dragon, if you manage to kill using a 1 shot then you’ll be able to devour it.

Dragon’s Awakening

During battle each character’s Dragon Gauge will increase and once it hits max, the character will enter their Dragon Awakening Mode. The character’s inner dragon’s power will trigger a cosmetic change as well as buffing abilities. In your Dragon Awakening state, you can use a Special Devour Skill. Be careful awakening during low health as there is a chance you can undergo a Rogue Dragon Awakening. In this form, attack power and escape rate are increased, but your defense will greatly be decreased. Dragon Awakening will greatly help players defeat Dragons that outclass them so make smart use of this limited time power up.

Dragon Cores

Dragon Cores are obtained once players devour a dragon. The character that devoured the dragon will obtain their “skill tree”. So if you want all your party members to obtain the same dragon core you must have each one devour that particular dragon. The exceptions to this are boss fights and little sisters dragons as these cores are “dropped”, and all party members will have access to them.

The stronger dragon cores are colored yellow and usually have higher passive bonus factors than white dragon cores. The priority of unlocking the factors (skills in dragon core) in early chapters should be:

  1. New Elemental Skills
  2. Passives
  3. Bonus Factors (these are permanent upgrades)

After chapter 3 the order should be slightly swapped:

  1. Bonus Factors (these are permanent upgrades)
  2. New Elemental Skills
  3. Passives

If a skill is unlocked in 1 dragon core, it will be unlocked in all other dragon cores.

Exploring Dungeons

Dungeons are filled with goodies like harvest points, obstacles, and treasure chests. Of course enemies will be blocking your progress; initiate the fight with a symbol attack to gain a advantage in battle whilst avoiding being touched by the enemies as this will set them up in their favor. Use your weapon to destroy breakable objects and move quickly throughout the dungeons by flying on your broomstick!

In the field there are special objects that requires a specific character’s special magic in order to utilize it or reap the benefits.


  • Barrier Destruction: Destroys a magical barrier allowing passage.


  • Witch’s Secret Passage: Escape the dungeon and return to the Witches’ Den.


  • Wild Instincts: Players can see all hidden treasure chests in the dungeon for a short duration.


  • Bridge of Light: Able to create a magical floor to cross impassable areas.


  • Seal Breaker: Destroy crystal sealed by vines to obtain its contents.


  • Protection Clothes

Formation, Baby

Adjust your party’s formation to your strengths in order to gain extra benefits during battle! Formation effects change when party members move between levels, so make sure to adjust accordingly during battle!

Delta Force Formation

  • 2 characters in the middle level and 1 member on the bottom level.
    • Those on the middle level will have their attack and defense increase by 3%.
    • The one on the bottom level will increase their magic attack and magic defense by 3%.

I personally used the formation that have all party members spread out on the field to avoid them from taking too much multi-damage from 1 attack. i.e. an enemy’s attack that targets 2 or more of my party.

I Got Your Back

Team composition is made up of 3 active members and 3 support members. The active team member may be switch out with the paired support member. In addition, having support members adds extra benefits such as:

  • When attacked, they will automatically guard.
  • They will attack an enemy with a counter.
  • Will perform an extra attack after attacking.
    • To really have these benefits proc more often make sure to equip supporter support skills.

Party Member Showcase

Sacrifice or Nurture?

The Witches’ Den serves as the player’s base; inside the den resides 3 little sister witches. These little sisters, like all witches, carry the “witches’ curse” and will go mad unless they drink dragon blood. Players have the option to feed dragon meat or blood found in the wild, or to starve them.

Each sister has a Satisfaction Meter that increases after feeding. At predetermined points of the Satisfaction Meter, players will receive gifts from the sisters as a reward. If players are too lax with their feedings, the sisters will give birth to their inner dragon and die. Their dragon will roam the land, attacking the player and their team. Will you devour the dragon to obtain a powerful skill from them? Their fate lies in your hands. If players want a few trophies make sure you keep the little sisters alive to give you gifts. Be sure to check on them at least once per chapter.

Summon Dragons To Obtain Great Strength

Use the accumulated various dragon parts to craft an elixir that will summon a dragon. Slay the dragon in order to obtain exclusive rare equipment. In addition to the dragon parts, each elixir requires a catalyst. The chosen catalyst will impact the equipment type and rarity drop, and even the volatility of the elixir.

Have a character drink the elixir then proceed to defeat the dragon. Fret not, for even if you are defeated the elixir won’t disappear allowing one to fight them endlessly until you are victorious. Defeating the dragon will consume the elixir. Players may save this for later in the game as early on the rewards aren’t that good to go out of your way.

The Huntery

The Huntery will be the hub to undertake side quests from Zuba. Upon completing a quest, you will be awarded various items like the important “Books of Formation”, which allows players to change their battle formations to their liking. Don’t avoid completing these if you want to protect the Witches from harm and wish to collect the platinum trophy for this game.

Hopefully you found these tips useful for your playthrough, and you have a better understanding of how each of the in-game systems work. If you want to learn more about the characters including antagonists, be sure to read our article Dragon Star Varnir Reveals Antagonists, New Mechanics & Screenshots.

If you’re making your way through Dragon Star Varnir be sure to use our Trophy Guide to help unlock platinum or 100% the game! You may be also interested to visit our guides section, which includes Death End Re;Quest.


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