Dragon Star Varnir reveals Antagonists, New Mechanics & Screenshots

Dragon Star Varnir reveals Antagonists, New Mechanics & Screenshots

Last updated on May 13th, 2019

The official website of Dragon Star Varnir has been updated with several more mechanics and gallery screenshots. The site updates for the upcoming JRPG by Idea Factory reveals many new details for those excited about the game. Dragon Star Varnir will be releasing on June 11 for North America and June 14 for Europe on Playstation 4 and is available for pre-order.

Dragon Star Varnir reveals Antagonists, New Mechanics & Screenshots

  • Character profiles for Corberia, Ruby Eye, Pharisaeus, Sehrud, Durandol, Jaiga, and Darne
  • System information on Field Exploration, Gifts, Insanity Level, and The Huntery
  • Screenshots of Elixirs, Field Exploration, Gifts, Insanity Level, and The Huntery

Enemies of the Witches Character Profiles

Corberia The Cruel Witch Hunter

Knights of Requiem

A natural-born warrior. She is devoted to the Empire and is the commander of the Knights of Requiem. As calculated as she is cruel, she finds pleasure in the torture of witches.

Ruby Eye The Crimson Maniac

The Ravens

The leader of the dragon hunters known as the Ravens. They use a “Sorcery Device” that uses the dragon’s magic to manipulate a powerful flame. Her right eye is made of ruby hence her name, “Ruby Eye”. No one knows her real name.


The Empire
A worshiper of the holy god Varnir and the ruler of the world. He rarely makes an appearance in public and exercises rule of the kingdom through Sehrud and Corberia.

Sehrud The Zealous Cardinal

The Empire

A cardinal of the Holy Empire and a close aide to the Holy Emperor. He is level-headed and sharp as he handles the day-to-day business of the Empire.

Durandol The Magnificent Ten Thousand Dragon Killer

The Ravens

The ace of the Ravens. He is said to have killed over ten thousand dragons and is considered to be a heroic dragon warrior. He has no interests in witches and just finds it fun to kill dragons. He loves to fight and will freely take on even his own subordinates if he pleases.

Jaiga The Despicable Dragon Warrior 

The Ravens

A dragon warrior that kisses up to Durandol and Ruby Eye. He isn’t to be trusted and would sell out his comrades the moment it would benefit him.

Darne The Carefree Informant


A traveling merchant and informant. He will trade you things like dragon claws or fangs for information or goods. He also sells ingredients at high prices on the black market. Since he doesn’t want to lose his valued witch clients, he keeps information about their den a secret.

Charm Your Favorite Witch

During your downtime head to the Witch’s individual room to gift items you’ve obtained from dungeons and shops. Each Witch has their own likes so experiment with your presents! Each item will cause their affinity level to rise and once it reaches a certain level, a special event will unfold.

Don’t Go Mad

In the status menu at the top right will display the Insanity Level of the group. Through the story our actions and selections will impact the insanity gauge. This is a very important aspect in the game and is tied to several trophies.

Mixing Elixirs

Players will be able to use their accumulated various dragon parts to craft an elixir that will summon a dragon. Slay the dragon in order to obtain exclusive rare equipment! In addition to the dragon parts, the elixir requires a catalyst. The chosen catalyst will impact the equipment type and rarity drop, and even the volatility of the elixir.

Have a character drink the elixir then proceed to defeat the dragon. Fret not, for even if you are defeated the elixir won’t disappear allowing one to fight them endlessly.

The Huntery

The Huntery will be the hub to undertake side quests from Zuba. Upon completing a quest, you will be awarded various items like the important “Books of Formation”, which allows players to change their battle formations to their liking. Don’t avoid completing these if you want to protect the Witches from harm.

Exploring Dungeons

Dungeons are filled with goodies like harvest points, obstacles, and treasure chests. Of course enemies will be blocking your progress; initiate the fight with a symbol attack to gain a advantage in battle whilst avoiding being touched by the enemies as this will set them up in their favor. Use your weapon to destroy breakable objects and move quickly throughout the dungeons by flying on your broomstick!

In the field there are special objects that requires a specific character’s special magic in order to utilize it or reap the benefits.


  • Barrier Destruction: Destroys a magical barrier allowing passage.


  • Witch’s Secret Passage: Escape the dungeon and return to the Witches’ Den.


  • Wild Instincts: Players can see all hidden treasure chests in the dungeon for a short duration.


  • Bridge of Light: Able to create a magical floor to cross impassable areas.


  • Seal Breaker: Destroy crystal sealed by vines to obtain its contents.


  • Protection Clothes

Dragon Star Varnir, an epic JRPG involving dragons and witches will be releasing June 11 for North America and June 14 for Europe. It will be available physically and digitally exclusively for PlayStation 4.


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