Dragon Star Varnir Chapter 4 First Star Temple Hard Mode Guide & Walkthrough

Dragon Star Varnir Chapter 4 First Star Temple Hard Mode Guide & Walkthrough

In our Dragon Star Varnir First Star Temple Hard Mode Guide and Walkthrough, we’ll go over the best strategy to conquer the fourth chapter of the game on the hardest difficulty.

Dragon Star Varnir Chapter 4 First Star Temple Hard Mode Guide & Walkthrough

Before venturing out for Chapter 4 of Dragon Star Varnir, there are few things to take care of to help your journey. Head to the Huntery to acquire your rewards and to learn of the new side quests you can complete in the next area. You may also create your first elixir at this time to knock off another side quest. Travel to the Forest of Judgement to obtain the Celestial Maiden from a burnable crystal near the Boss fight of this level.

Chapter 4

North Star Temple Lower

Travel North and open the chest to pick up the Holy Water of Revival. Take the left path from the entrance to enter a large room. Inside players can obtain 1 Boots of the Wise from a burnable crystal and a Holy Water of Revival from the nearby chest. At the South west side of this room will be a chest that contains a Wing of the Dragon. There will be a locked door that players can access after defeating the boss of this level.

Travel East to end up in a large room with several Dragons and chests. Players will be able to acquire the Moon Scythe from the chest here. Head North to reach a smaller area with the ! marker to the left. Forgo the ! marker and continue heading North to open another chest. It will be tucked behind the statue that contains a Earth Crest Bracelet. Trigger the cutscene at the ! marker and take the entrance up.

North Star Temple Upper

Obtain the Moon Recipe by opening the chest slightly ahead of where your character spawns in. Switch to Laponette to use her Bridge of Light ability to cross into the secluded room that contains 2 chests. In those chest players will obtain a Dark Charm and a Dark Crest Bracelet.

Double back to the large room where you summon the bridge of light and proceed to the ! marker. After watching the cutscene, head right and use Laponette’s ability once more. In this room players can acquire the Earth Charm in the lone chest.

Exit that room and head towards the opposite path to find a burnable crystal that will drop a Robe of the Wise. Use Bridge of Light to cross the gap to reach a room with 3 treasure chests. The contents of these chests are a Sword of the Wise, a Light Charm, and a Light Crest Bracelet.

Make your way back to the large open room and take the remaining path to reach the Dragon Stone just outside of the Boss. Use this time to heal up and devour the Dragons in this area to increase your party’s strength.


Eclipse will be the 3 layer boss Dragon players will go against in this area. While targeting Eclipse, you can target his head labeled as Eclipse, his stomach labeled as Eclipse (Middle), and his legs labeled as Eclipse (Lower).


“Guardian Dragon” Eclipse Level 45 Weak to Earth and Pierce


  • Dragon’s One Hit
  • Weak Defense
  • Physical Fortify
  • Pickles
  • Big Healing

Eclipse’s weakness is Earth and Pierce so make sure your party know these elements. I would suggest players have Minessa use Soul Boost to strengthen the party’s defenses, while Zephy and Karikaro use Rock Drop on the lower portion of Eclipse. It would greatly increase your chances of victory if each main party member knows a healing ability. If you can help it, you want Karikaro to mostly attack as her magic attack is the highest of Minessa and Zephy.

Alternating using Rock Drop on weak portions and healing up the party will lead you to victory. If your party enters Dragon Awakening, have them focus on DPSing while the non-Awaken party member takes over the healing of the group.

Defeating Eclipse will grant players 9900 Exp, 3,600 G, 200 Factor Points, 1 Eclipse Core, 1 North Star Temple Key, and 1 Silver Fang.

After the boss fight you may return here to the locked door on the first floor to fight an Earth Dragon. Be prepared with healing and wind abilities to defeat him.

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After using this guide you should be able to defeat Eclipse by using his weakness against him and gain a new dragon core. For more help with Dragon Cores be sure to read our Dragon Star Varnir Dragon Cores Guide.

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