Dragon Star Varnir Chapter 3 Little Sisters Hard Mode Guide & Walkthrough

Dragon Star Varnir Chapter 3 Little Sisters Hard Mode Guide & Walkthrough

In our Dragon Star Varnir Little Sisters Hard Mode Guide and Walkthrough, we’ll go over the best strategy to conquer the third chapter of the game on the hardest difficulty.

Dragon Star Varnir Chapter 3 Little Sisters Hard Mode Guide & Walkthrough

Before beginning Chapter 3 there are few things to take care of that will help you. Head to Sanctuary Cave where the boss fight took place to obtain the Holy Stone in a chest. Nearby will be an object encased by a vine that Charlotta can burn with her environmental ability, Seal Breaker. Players will obtain a Flash Necklace from the object. Travel to the center large area to find another burnable object and obtain the Litograph of Origin. If players are unsure of the location, have Charlotta be the character that travels in the level and bring up the map. It will have a marker of all objects she can burn. Players can now turn in those items in the Huntery but for now, head back to Forest of Judgement.

Chapter 3

Now you have obtained the objects mentioned above, you can begin Chapter 3 which starts at the Forest of Judgment.

Forest of Judgment

As players select Forest of Judgement they are treated with a cutscene that will culminate in a Dragon fight. “Enraged” Great Dragon will be weak to aqua and slash abilities. He shouldn’t be too difficult despite the level gap if players use his weakness against him, to drive up his fear level and devour him.

Enraged Great Dragon

After he is defeated roam the level or the map to find the Vine Crystals that Charlotta can burn. Players will obtain a Cursed Lithograph from the crystal located on top of the root path. Head to the ! marker to be finish with this area.

Forest of Madness

The Ice Dragon is weak to Fire and Pierce abilities while the Dragon Frogs are susceptible to Rock and Hit abilities. At this point of the game you should have these elements so use the proper weakness to weaken and increase the fear level while keeping the team healthy with heals.

Ice Dragon & Dragon Frogs

Players will encounter a Dragon fight as they enter the Forest of Madness. This battle contains:

  • 1 Ice Dragon
  • 3 Dragon Frogs

I suggest switching the main character of the level to Charlotta since we will be using her environmental ability quite often. Head West to burn the 3 crystals giving players 1 Den’s Ring, 1 Witching Rod, and 1 Mole’s Burrow. Continue on this path until it takes you upwards to a large wide area. Players will obtain a Scythe of Madness from the closest chest as well as the center-most chest which will contain a Star Spirit’s Prayer. The chest to the right will give players 1,200 G so don’t miss out on these. Take the short right path as this will lead to a dead end with an enemy and another burnable crystal that drops a Steel Sword.

Head back to the wide high area and take the left path and this will take players towards an intersection. Forgo continuing on this path and instead, make a left so you can acquire the Robe of Madness at the end of the path. Now backtrack to the fork in the road and take the other path. On this path you will obtain the Fury Recipe from the chest and if you continue to the small dead end, you’ll find a Panacea tucked in a chest. Backtrack just a bit and take the right path as this will lead you to a chest that has a Wing of the Dragon, the area’s Dragon Stone, and the boss of the area. Acquire the Steel Spear from the burnable crystal and save your game.

Travel back to the wide high area and head North as there will be a burnable crystal that gives a Witch’s Tent and a chest that has a Steel Bow. Return to the wide area and take the left path. This leads players to a chest that contains 1 Boots of Madness. Follow the path to the left towards the very end to obtain a Mace of Madness, a Charm Fragrance, and 1,500 G.

Make your way back to the wide high area and take the nearby path down to pick up the Steel Boots once the crystal is burned. Continue on this path to reach another chest containing a Witch’s Miracle. At the end of the path will be another crystal that has a Steel Armor for players.

By now you should have gotten all chests and crystal loot minus the last 3 items which are after the boss fight. Feel free to devour some dragons and level up a bit before tackling Fomrenard.


Fomrenard will be the 3 layer boss Dragon players will go take on in this area. While targeting Fomrenard, you can target his head labeled as Fomrenard, his stomach will be labeled as Fomrenard (Middle), and his legs labeled as Fomrenard (Lower).


Fomrenard Level 41 Weak to Aqua and Pierce


  • Fire Breath
  • Confusion Gas
  • Hell Flame
  • Tail Whip

Fomrenard’s weakness is aqua and pierce so make sure your party know these elements. I had both Zephy and use Aqua Sword on the lower portion, while Minessa buff the defenses of the party on the first turn of my party. From there I mad sure the whole party used Aqua Sword to weaken the middle portion, and start damaging the head. Avoid breaking the middle part while he is stunned as you will lose the ability to stun him. Let the boss fire off his 2 attacks then proceed to break the middle portion. From here focus on his head to defeat him. Watch your party’s health as he may focus one one character as well as attempt to confuse the party.

Defeating Fomrenard will grant players 3300 Exp, 1,800 G, 150 Factor Points, 1 Fomrenard Core, and 1 Dragon Soul.

After the boss fight collect the last 2 treasure chest that contains a Silver Fang and a Silver Soul. The final burnable crystal possesses a Witch’s Lithograph.

To see this guide in action see it here:

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By following this guide you will have downed the formidable Fomrenard and gained his Dragon Soul. If you want to find out more about which Dragons grant which Dragon Cores be sure to read next Dragon Star Varnir Dragon Cores Guide.

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