Dragon Star Varnir – Chapter 2 Witch’s Fate Hard Mode Guide & Walkthrough

Dragon Star Varnir – Chapter 2 Witch’s Fate Hard Mode Guide & Walkthrough

In our Dragon Star Varnir Witch’s Fate Hard Mode Guide and Walkthrough, we’ll go over the best strategy to conquer the second chapter of the game on the hardest difficulty.

Dragon Star Varnir Witch’s Fate Hard Mode Guide & Walkthrough

Chapter 2 will take you to Sanctuary Cave as well as have you fight your very first Littler Sister Dragon called Ruruta. Unlike the dragons you have encountered before, you won’t gain any benefit by using devour and it it will cause damage. Read on for all the details in getting through second chapter as well as defeating Ruruta.

Sanctuary Cave

Sanctuary Cave

You will begin Chapter 2 at Sanctuary Cave, walk towards the chest to acquire the Witch’s Medicine inside it. Proceed towards the gap ahead by using Laponette’s ability Bridge of Light, this will create a magical floor to help you cross over. In the next room, use Zephy’s Barrier Destruction ability to get rid of the barrier in your way. Players will find a Dark Spear in the lone chest in this room.

Bridge of Light

Backtrack a bit towards the ! marker to acquire the Dark Recipe located in the chest and watch the cutscene by engaging with the !. Once the cutscene is done, head left and use Laponette’s Bridge of Light to cross the gap. This allows players to grab the Dark Sword in the nearby chest.

Proceed towards the center route of the map where the cutscene took place at and head North. This leads players into a large area and a smaller route to the right. Take the right lower path first as it leads to several material spawn points and a Dragon. The upper right path will contain another Dragon and a chest that contains the Dark Mace.

Head back towards the large center area to obtain the Wing of the Dragon inside the lone chest and an object players can’t interact with at the moment. Walk North ignoring the barrier to the right as this takes you to the boss of this level. Continue heading North following the path as it curves left. Use Zephy to destroy the barrier and claim your Dark Boots from the chest. Exit the room and head South to obtain the Charm Fragrance and Dark Garment from the chests.

Finally, head back towards the barrier we skip to acquire the 900 G in the chest, and another cutscene that will end up with you fighting an Earth Dragon. The Earth Dragon is weak to Wind and Hit attacks. Hopefully you have devoured some dragons and learned a Wind technique or swap out a character for Laponette as she has a default wind attack already slotted. Minessa’s normal Physical attack is a Hit attribute so be sure to use it. A couple Wind and hit attacks should drive the Dragon’s Fear level pretty high which allows you to devour him with higher success rate.

Up ahead will be the Dragon Stone of the level and the final boss. Remember to heal up and save your progress before attempting the boss. Use this time before the boss fight to devour some Dragons in this area while coming back to the Dragon Stone, if you need to recover as you feel like your party level is low. Remember to equip all the new weapons and armor you obtained during your time in this area.


Ruruta will be the first little sister Dragon players will go against. All Witches are destined to go mad or give birth to Dragons. This is foreshadowing of what could happen to your fellow 3 little sisters if you neglect or spoil them in your further adventures. While targeting Ruruta, you can target her head labeled as Ruruta, and her lower body labeled as Ruruta (Lower).

Little Sister DragonRuruta

Level 37 Weak to Fire and Hit


  • Miasma Breath (Darkness Attack)
  • Miasma Gas (Lowers phys attack, magic attack, defense, and magic defense)
  • Dragon’s Dinner (Heals the damage it inflicts)
  • Tail Whip


Players can triple DPS this boss by equipping everyone with Fire Sword as this attack hits both portions of Ruruta. We don’t need to cycle through aiming for the lower portion first then moving to the head. Instead we have the entire party with Fire Sword and if the party’s health gets low, we’ll use Minessa to heal. Since this is a little sister Dragon, avoid using Devour attacks as your DPS will suffer with no benefits.

Defeating Ruruta will grant players 1,056 Exp, 1,056 G, 110 Factor Points, 1 Ruruta Core and 1 Dragon Soul.

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Hopefully by following this guide you have defeated the Ruruta as well as completed the second chapter, and gained yourself some useful Dragon cores.

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