Dragon Quest Builders 2 is related to Dragon Quest II

Dragon Quest Builders 2 is related to Dragon Quest II

Square Enix has revealed further information about their upcoming Dragon Quest game, Dragon Quest Builders 2. The details were originally revealed in an interview with Famitsu.

Dragon Quest Builders 2 is related to Dragon Quest II

As Dragon Quest Builders was both a commercial and critical success, a sequel was inevitable. So it should come as no surprise that Dragon Quest Builders 2 is in development for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4.

Square Enix are looking into the possibility of adding in a multiplayer element for the sequel. For example, being able to play cooperatively in a playground. They’re also making it possible to build structures that are three times higher than what was possible in Dragon Quest Builders.

Dragon Quest Builders 2

If multiplayer is added to Dragon Quest Builders 2 then Square Enix may have a real Minecraft beater on their hands.

On the story side of things, they shared that you won’t need to play the first Dragon Quest Builders to be able to enjoy and understand this one. They also revealed that there will be a travelling youth named Malroth. Those of you who have played Dragon Quest II may already be familiar with Malroth, as he appears in that game. However,you won’t need to know the story of that game either to enjoy Dragon Quest Builders 2.

So far, a localisation hasn’t been confirmed for Dragon Quest Builders 2. However, since it did well in the West, it’s likely to happen. If you haven’t played Dragon Quest Builders yet, you may want to consider getting the Nintendo Switch version. Take a look at the trailer.

What features would you like to be added to Dragon Quest Builders 2? Please comment below and let us know.

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