Rumour: Dragon Ball Super RPG in pre-production

Rumour: Dragon Ball Super RPG in pre-production

It has recently been leaked that a Dragon Ball Super RPG is in the works by Bandai Namco Entertainment. Although details are scarce, odds are that it will be an action RPG.

Is a Dragon Ball Super RPG in the works by Bandai Namco Entertainment?

Newly leaked information is spreading like wildfire on the internet that the team behind “Dragon Ball Xenoverse,” “DB Xenoverse 2” and “DB FighterZ” is currently in the studio preparing a Dragon Ball Super RPG. This leaked information comes from one of the most trusted leakers known for bringing accurate info to the fighting game community.

Dragon Ball Super RPG

If the rumour is to be believed then the series will be based on the original Dragon Ball instead of Dragon Ball Z.

The latest leak about a “Dragon Ball” RPG game was initially reported by Shoryuken. It was based on the leak provided by Dasvergeben. Dasvergeben became prominent when he leaked info about “Injustice 2” DLC characters, “Soul Calibur VI” and additional characters in “Dragon Ball FighterZ.” He was also responsible for revealing the inclusion of Bardock and Broly to the “Dragon Ball FighterZ” roster before it was officially announced.

Dasvergeben says the next game Bandai Namco will release will be a “Dragon Ball” RPG. He says that it’ll be based on the original Dragon Ball series. Check out his leak video. A new Dragon Ball movie has also been announced for 2018, so there’s plenty to keep fans happy.

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