Dotnod Entertainment reveal Vampyr’s dark world in a new web series

Dotnod Entertainment has released the first episode in a web series regarding the development of their upcoming RPG, Vampyr.

Dotnod Entertainment developer diary – Episode 1: Making Monsters

Episode 1 of their Vampyr web series shows gameplay footage and gives an insight into the predatory protagonist, Jonathan Reid. Dotnod Entertainment explain that Reid’s condition unveils a nightmarish reality, as he joins a hidden society of damned creatures. Vulkods creep through the streets at night and also the ancient Ekans scheme from the shadows. It also introduces the Skals – hideous beings who hunt for victims in the darkest corners of the city.

“There are vampires. They are real, they are of our time, and they are here, close by, stalking us as we sleep…”
– Nicky Raven, Dracula

This dark world’s a huge departure for Dotnod Entertainment, who are most well known for the critically acclaimed Life is Strange and Remember Me.

Dotnod Vampyr Pierced

Will you use powerful vampire abilities to destroy your enemies or will you sneakily avoid combat entirely?

Vampyr will be released on Xbox One, PlayStation and PC in the spring – I can hardly wait until then! It looks like it could be special, so stay tuned for the latest news about this game as it develops.

dotnod vampyr bible angry

So, who is your money on? The angry pointing priest or the creatures of the night?

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