Divinity: Original Sin – Godwoken Graphic Novel Available for Pre-order

Divinity: Original Sin – Godwoken Graphic Novel Available for Pre-order

Larian Studios have announced their upcoming Divinity: Original Sin – Godwoken graphic novel is coming soon, and preorders are now available.

Divinity: Original Sin – Godwoken Graphic Novel Available for Pre-order

A graphic novel for Larian Studios’ Divinity Original Sin universe is underway called Godwoken. It follows the adventures of Rivellon’s godwoken characters Ifan, Lohse, Red Prince, Sebille, Fane and Beast. It features all new tales following who they were before they joined the Divine Order or even before the Hall of Echoes.

The graphic novel covering the origin’s stories features 300+ full-colour pages, in “never-before seen areas of Rivellon”. There are two editions available for pre-order, the graphic novel priced at $29.99 and the collector’s edition priced at $59.99. The Collector’s Edition is limited in number, featuring a hardback cover with foil stamp, a dust jacket, fabric bookmark, additional art pieces and a poster to display proudly. Both editions can be found on the Larian shop website and should be delivered by the end of November according to official Larian Twitter:

In case you missed it Larian are also releasing Divinity Original Sin: The Board Game, which got help funding from a Kickstarter Campaign which surpassed $1.8 million in backing. According to the Kickstarter page the board game should be releasing in in October this year, but no official announcement yet for when the board game will launch.

In other Larian news Baldur’s Gate 3 will be winging it’s way to early access on September 30th, and we’re eagerly awaiting it’s release. In the meantime be sure to drop by the Baldur’s Gate 3 wiki for all your adventuring needs.

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