Divinity: Original Sin 2 Dev Gameplay Gamescom 2017

Larian Studios sat down with Twitch during Gamescom 2017 for a livestream of upcoming Divinity: Original Sin 2. Starting at 20 hours into the game, the video features some basic information on party, mechanics, and some new tidbits!

Divinity Original Sin 2 Developer Stream

The developer confirms the game plays out in 3 acts, and Act II is the largest one, featuring a “massive” amount of content. An explanation is given for the setting of the game: Source usage is causing hostile creatures to appear and massacre innocent citizens. For this reason, the characters are imprisoned by non-sourcerers and must escape and hide throughout the game to attempt to fix the Source problem of the world.

D:OS2 Game Mechanics

The stream explains consequences and actions – such as choosing to save a trapped Sourcerer or not, and the different dialogue options. It also covers the interactions of elements on the landscape:

While in combat, DOS:2 players have to focus on their environment as it is dynamic. Players can light oil slicks on fire, electrocute enemies standing in water, cast fire on water surfaces to make steam and reduce enemy’s visibility etc. These Environmental Effects can cause various Status Effects such as Burns, Poison, Frost etc. which can further limit or enhance the player’s combat ability.

A great new addition is the ability to jump across the map’s platforms to find shortcuts or back entrances. In the video, this is done via Wings. There’s a side-entrance search that happens during a fight, and the developer manages to flee combat using Adrenaline (action points from next turn!)

Sneak mechanics are also shown briefly, and then the combat high and elevation come into play for the next battle:

A new element to combat in Divinity Original Sin 2 is height or elevation. This new feature means that your elevation plays a big role in how you strategize your fighting. Players on higher ground have greater range & visibility. They also sometimes get added bonus damage to enemies on lower ground.  In combat, you will see a yellow circle around your character, showing his/her normal range for attacks. If standing on higher ground, there will be an additional green circle extending a few meters extra. This is your added range due to height advantage. If you hover over enemies with your mouse, you can even see the potential damage boost you get from being at a height.

The video closes up with an explanation of “AI 2.0”, that has changed how enemies react to world events. Before, fights were scripted. Now, they synch up against you and calculate effects and chain reactions to take on your party!

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