Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Announced by Square Enix For The PS4

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Announced by Square Enix For The PS4

Fans of the Final Fantasy series, of which there are a few, will be happy to know that Square Enix has announced Dissidia Final Fantasy NT for a 2018 release. The game is a PS4 version of the arcade only Dissidia Final Fantasy which was developed by Koei Tecmo studio Team Ninja of Ninja Gaiden and Nioh fame. Many have hoped for a console release of the RPG spinoff combat arena and now their wishes have been granted, for PS4 owners at least.

Combining seamless gameplay, FINAL FANTASY characters and breathtaking worlds from the past 30 years of the franchise, DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY NT welcomes all gamers to the online battle arena with its renowned bravery combat system.

DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY NT allows you to choose from over 20 legendary FINAL FANTASY characters and battle in a 3-versus-3 arena. Each match will allow the player to call forth familiar summons like Ifrit, Shiva and Odin to dominate the opposing side or to turn the tide of the battle. This is not your average fighter – this is your fantasy, your fight.

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Features

The game is a collaboration between Square Enix and Team Ninja to make the port possible. Here are some of the key details from the game’s listing:

  • Over 20 playable Final Fantasy heroes and villains to play, over ten iconic battle arenas, legendary summons, tons of equippable weapons and moogles.
  • Noctis from Final Fantasy XV will be available as a downloadable character in addition to others than the inital 20+.
  • An all-new Final Fantasy story, written by writer Kazushige Nojima (Fantasy VII Remake, Final Fantasy XV, Final Fantasy X, Kingdom Hearts, and Kingdom Hearts II). You will be able to play the game and story in single player only if you wish.
  • Each battle you wage, you will gain XP and gil to deepen the customization of your Final Fantasy champion – from EX skills to weapons to skins,  and level up.
  • The bravery combat system allows a much deeper and more methodical approach to the fighting game genre, separating luck from skill where you build up your bravey and then unleash it when the time is right.

The game will be playable at E3 2017 and you can check out some lovely new screenshots until then:

Start planning your squads and setup!

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