Discord Now Shares They Will Let Developers Self-Publish Games and Receive 90% of Revenue

Discord Now Shares They Will Let Developers Self-Publish Games and Receive 90% of Revenue

It seems more contenders are trying to gain a piece of the platform pie as Discord now announce they will be giving their developers not only the ability to self-publish, but also 90% of the revenue.

Discord Now Shares They Will Let Developers Self-Publish Games and Receive 90% of Revenue

It seems the digital shop fronts are now battling it out, with Epic recently announcing they would be giving developers a 88% revenue share with their recently launched Epic Games Store, which went live during The Game Awards 2018 earlier this month. Now Discord have put their hat into the ring with an offer of 90% revenue and the benefit of self-publishing with their store in 2019.

It seems next year Steam won’t be the only platform to gain the interests of developers as these offers emerge. Whether Steam will begin to rethink their 70% revenue offer towards developers and publishers is yet to be seen.

While Discord is well known for its chat application aimed at gamers, it started its own store to sell video games digitally in 2018. With the news of a more competitive revenue model for 2019, it looks like they are prepared to go down the route of selling games. This is not a bad decision either if you look at the numbers. Over 200 million people use Discord, which means they already have a market that is geared towards gamers.

In a recent blog post Discord share:

We talked to a lot of developers, and many of them feel that current stores are not earning their 30 per cent of the usual 70/30 revenue share.

Turns out, it does not cost 30 per cent to distribute games in 2018. After doing some research, we discovered that we can build amazing developer tools, run them, and give developers the majority of the revenue share.

Their aim is for a wide range of games, from indie developers to AAA titles, allowing those who wish to self-publish the opportunity and 90% of the revenue going to the developer. The 10% will cover the costs that Discord will take on for operating, but they also plan to “explore lowering it by optimising our tech and making things more efficient.”

While this is great news for developers and gamers, stores like Discord and Epic Games will still need to compete with the already well established Steam which has over 100 million users with up to 10 million people online on average.

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