Digital Dragons 2017 Video Game Convention: Recap from The Show Floor

Digital Dragons 2017 Video Game Convention: Recap from The Show Floor

My name is Kuba and besides being a Dark Souls and RPG fan, I’m also an indie developer. Recently I had an opportunity to participate in an awesome game event called Digital Dragons. Over 2 days I had the fortune of meeting many people creating some wonderful videos games, including some RPGs that fans of the genre should be excited for. Since I have the unique perspective of being both a developer and fan in this conference, I recorded my experiences here to share some insight into the game development industry and bring some attention to some promising upcoming indie games.

The event takes place in one of the biggest Polish cities – Kraków. The city is also one of the oldest here (yes I’m from Poland as well). It’s full of medieval ruins and there’s a local story that a long time ago a Dragon used to live beneath these ruins. This legend is the reason why the event is called Digital Dragons.

The event itself is more of a game dev conference than an open public conference. This and the fact that it’s the biggest such event in eastern Europe is what makes it so special. In recent years the game industry has blossomed in Poland. You’ve all heard of  games like The Witcher, This War of Mine or Dying Light.  Digital Dragons has become the place where people creating those awesome games meet and share their experiences. This has resulted in even more talented people from all over the world coming to participate and since the formula of the event is pretty open, you never know who you might bump into in the hallways.

The main part of the event are the lectures and discussion panels from different individuals within the industry. After the event, all of these talks are published on the Digital Dragons YouTube channel. It will be some time before this year’s talks will be online but you can browse through all the archives of past conferences.

And there is of course my favorite part: The indie showcase! Every year dozens of small developers showcase their games during the event. Here are few gems I spotted on the show floor:

Immortal Planet

Immortal Planet is an action RPG with challenging combat that rewards patience and punishes recklessness. In it you will explore the crumbling remains of a society of immortals trapped in endless cycles of rebirth. You must fight your way to discover the planet’s mystery and escape its curse. It is scheduled to release on PC this July.

Book of Demons

Book of Demons is a deck-building hack and slash adventure, where it’s the player who decides the length of quests. Inspired the golden days of PC gaming, it gets back to the core of the dungeon dive with its paper-cut world. It’s presently in early access on PC.

Archaica: The Path of Light

Archaica is a beautiful puzzle game with lasers and mirrors, that merges intricately designed levels with an immersive storyline. You will be walking the path of light to save the world from destruction, exploring ancient civilizations along the way. It is scheduled to release sometime this year on PC.

Our game Soulblight also was a part of this years Indie Showcase. If you’re interested in learning more I’m writing the Soulblight dev blog in the FextraLife forum. Here are few photos from our stand:

Jurek – Soulblight story designer on the right and me – Kuba on the left 🙂

As you can see we had an awesome view

Me explaining the Soulblight gameplay

Our trusty orange armchair we take with us to every event 😉

We had a wonderful time at Digital Dragons, both learning about new games, sharing insights with other developers and showing our games to new people. The gaming industry is full of wonderful creators who pack conferences both large and small all year long and it’s exciting to see them firsthand. Of course, E3 2017 starts next week and the next several months will see Gamescom and TGS giving every gamer a summer’s worth of great reveals to look forward to.

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