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Materials in Digimon World: Next Order are used to improve your buildings in the City, Floatia. However, you will not be able to use them until you reach Chapter 2. You have defeat the Gotsumon turned Machinedramon. Collecting materials will help you level up your tamer level, so its best to remember to collect as much as you can while you are out in the field. (Save getting the material Tamer Skills til mid game) I know training, battling, and exploring can make you seem like there is so much to do. You are always on a time table since your Digimon can not last forever, well, at least not til post game. This early area should net you most materials you will need to upgrade your buildings to level 2.

*Numbers in () means how much you can dig at a specific location following with some examples of what you can find in that specific node. All Data was taken with the tamer skills: Metal Man, Stone Man, Liquid Man, Wood Man, and Material Master. Some materials may not be listed as RNG plays a factor in recovering them but it helps to notice patterns with them. For example, where you can find DigiDeepwater, there is a good chance you can get the Rare Liquid, DigiIonwater.

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Vast Plateau:

  • 1 Metal (1 times) DigiCopper ; 1 Metal (5 times) DigiCopper, DigiIron, DigiSilver
  • 1 Liquid (5 times) DigiDeepwater, DigiIonwater (Rare) ; 1 Liquid (1 time) DigiSap
  • 1 Stone (5 times) DigiStone, DigiSand
  • 1 Wood (5 times) DigiWhitewood, DigiBlackwood

Power Plant #2:

  • 1 Metal (5 times)  DigiCopper, DigiIron, DigiWhitegold
  • 1 Liquid (1 time) DigiAcid ; 1 Liquid (1 time) DigiOil, DigiLatex
  • 1 Stone (3 times) DigiStone, DigiSand
  • 1 Wood (5 times) DigiWhitewood, DigiGreatwood ; 1 Wood (5 times) DigiWhitewood, DigiBamboo (Rare), DigiGreatwood

Forest Path:

  • 1 Liquid (1 time) DigiSap
  • 1 Stone (5 times) DigiStone, DigiRock, DigiQuartz (Rare)
  • 1 Wood (3 times)  DigiWhitewood, DigiBlackwood


Cave Entrance:

  • 1 Metal (5 times) DigiCopper, DigiIron, DigiSilver
  • 1 Wood (5 times) DigiWhitewood, DigiBlackwood

Old Cableway: 

  • 1 Stone (5 times) DigiStone, DigiRock

Powerplant #1:

  • 1 Liquid (1 time) DigiAcid
  • 1 Stone (5 times)  DigiStone, DigiSand, DigiRock, DigiQuartz (Rare)

Ruins lake:

  • 1 Metal (3 times) DigiCopper, DigiSilver
  • 1 Liquid (3 times) DigiDeepwater
  • 1 Stone (3 times) DigiStone, DigiSand, DigiRock
  • 1 Wood (3 times) DigiGreatwood, DigiWhitewood

Nigh PlainsMetalLiquidStoneWoodTotal LocationTotal Collection
Vast Plateau2211622
Power Plant #21212620
Forest Path11139
Cave entrance11210
Old Cableway115
Power Plant #11126
Ruins Lake1111412



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