Digimon World: Next Order | Agumon and Gabumon Talking Digieggs and From the Malevolent Fist

Digimon World: Next Order | Agumon and Gabumon Talking Digieggs and From the Malevolent Fist

Finally, players in the North American region can download and play the newest add-ons (Agumon & Gabumon Talking Digieggs and From the Malevolent Fist). There has been records of other areas having these add-ons since February 15th. I, myself, downloaded these add-ons today, the 27th,; although my PSN store states it has been available to be purchased since the 23rd.

From the looks of the pictures I provided, it seem like we will be getting 2 new Digieggs. They will have voicelines instead of the traditional noise grunts in game Digimon have. Their Digivolution path seems linear compared to the non add-on eggs. They do not have any prerequisites to Digivolve to the next stage and you must have beaten the game to be able to have access to them. This is a nice gesture by Bandai since getting these 2 Digimon on Normal Mode is a real hassle since they have high stat prerequisites so you won’t be able to get them until later in the game.

NameEvolutionHPMPStrengthStaminaWisdomSpeedWeightMistakesBondDisciplineWinsKey DigimonKey Points

The video below shows that you need no prerequisites for these 2 eggs and examples of their voicelines.

Back on February  27, 2017 I tested starting a new save with the DLC eggs but I deleted the system data. (system data which keeps the memory of you beating the game) It wouldn’t allow me to get access to the eggs since I didn’t beat the game. But, if you keep the system data intact and start a new save you have access to hard mode AND your DLC eggs. This has implications for speedrunners since, in theory, you can use the eggs and play on easy mode. These eggs are guarantee to Digivolve to Megas so you can focus on recruiting and moving fast.

From the Malevolent Fist is the second add on Bandai released and it seem to add some more length to the story. There will be a cinematic scenes and at least one more fight with I’m going to call it now the strongest level Digimon. All post game i seen level 60+enemies and with this new add on, I’m guessing we will see a level 80 or even level 85 enemy. I’ll make sure to jot down the details of my journey as i play it. You can follow me as I explore on my Youtube Channel.

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