Diablo visits Dark Souls

Diablo visits Dark Souls

Last updated on August 10th, 2015

What would happen if you took two completely different games, both gameplay wise and lore wise, and smashed them together?

Well that’s exactly what I did with Dark Souls, and Diablo 3 – Which as of right now are my two favourite games -.

So what I did, is I took the five different classes from Diablo 3, and I made Dark Souls builds based on their movesets, armours, and overall the basic meta of how people create/use those classes.

Here’s a brief explanation of each class, and the builds I created.


  1. The Barbarian
    The toughest of the classes. They can take the most hits, and deal a fair amount of damage. They have three choices of how they can set up. They almost always dual wield, but you will see the occasional two-hander or someone with a shield. Overall they are very hard to topple. Barbarian 1   Barbarian 2  Barbarian 3
  2. The Demon Hunter
    Ranged weaponry and shadow manipulation make this vengeful hero an elusive stalker of demons. The demon hunter has very strong ranged capabilities, and is very agile. However, they trade their speed for their health, they can easily be eliminated if the demon hunter makes a mistake… The thing is, a demon hunter does not make a mistake. The Demon Hunter 1  The Demon Hunter 2
  3. The MonkA holy warrior who attacks faster than the eye can see, delivering precise blows and deadly punches. The monk always has another trick up their sleeve, and specializes in hand to hand combat, and combat with staffs. With their power of the holy arts, combined with their endurance and speed, they can make a very powerful ally…. or very devastating foe. The Monk 1  The Monk 2
  4. The Witch DoctorA manipulator of the forces of life and death, this caster wields the power of nature in unsettling ways.  Their strange appearance and fighting style may make them seem silly, whether it be dancing while shooting fire, or summoning poisonous frogs, they are still a very deadly class. The Witch Doctor
  5. The WizardMaster of the temporal and elemental energies that power all of creation. These manipulators of time and space are a very tricky foe, and while they are extremely powerful, they can be a bit clumsy and they are very weak. Don’t let them catch you off guard though, you will be turned into a plate of ash within seconds if you take your eyes off of them. The Wizard


Go ahead and post some of your fan-made builds based off of Diablo 3, or maybe even a different game!

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Credit to battle.net and mugenmonkey.com for resources and information.

Images via Diablo Wiki

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  2. Ahhotep1 says:

    Well done, Wilks! You truly have an artful “pen” and creative mind!! Kudos, my friend…your builds are awesome. 😀

  3. WaffleGuy says:

    This is great and all, but


  4. Wilkinson3424 says:

    Alot of credit to Fex, she made it look pretty! But thank you for the compliments!

  5. Cas says:

    Dark Souls builds in Diablo next?

  6. Cas says:

    Fex and I found the Zwiehander yesterday…
    Zweihander Rawr

  7. Wilkinson3424 says:

    The Zweihander in Diablo 3 actually is what inspired me to create this, Ironically I didn’t include one in one of my builds.

  8. Boogerwood says:

    Ha! Love it! After you’ve beaten DS 10+ times, it’s all about the CosPlay!

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