Diablo IV Quarterly Update Reveals Monster Family, Co-Op UI and More

Diablo IV Quarterly Update Reveals Monster Family, Co-Op UI and More

Last updated on February 28th, 2020

Blizzard have released their first quarterly update of the year for Diablo IV which outlines some of the changes to UI, the Monster Family, co-op features and more updates.

Diablo IV Quarterly Update Reveals Monster Family, Co-Op UI and More

Blizzard have shared a new update for upcoming Diablo IV which focuses on some UI changes, enemies, co-op UI and shows off some of the weaponry.


Some of changes made have been due to feedback, in particular the inventory look. In keeping with the artstyle, items have be given the same design but the developers have found this doesn’t come across well as “small elements in the UI”. These looks are going through some alterations so that they stand out, as well as background colours of items that show rarity, have been toned down. The inventory layout has also been given a spruce, making for a more even layout.

Action Bar

The action bar position has also changed a little but depending on what platform you’re playing on. While Blizz aimed to have the action bar positioned on the left of screen to help alleviate space in the middle of screen to help with viewing combat, this didn’t not work well when tested with PC players. The action bar remains in the middle to reduce the eye movement needed to move between concentrating on the combat mid-screen and the action bar. This varies a little between console players who are playing further back from the screen, and PC players who are closer to their monitors. However, both options will be offered to players on PC as controller is supported, while console players will have only the corner configuration.

This makes sense as PC players may to opt to sit further away from the screen when using a controller, favouring the corner action bar. But this will really depend on how you prefer to play as I tend to find myself sitting the same distance from the my pc screen regardless of controllers or KMB. However, it’s still good there are options.

PC with Controller Support

This is the first time Blizzard will be producing a Diablo game simultaneously on console and PC. PC will also have controller support but has caused some issues with UI, as switching between controller UI and KMB is of course different. To give fluidity between the different inputs, UI has become quite grid based. The developer assures that controller support won’t limit how complex the game is, and they are striving to make the layout interaction as user friendly as possible.

Couch Co-op

Fans will be happy to know that couch co-op is very much apart of the Diablo IV. One thing that Blizzard has decided to do is allow core progression UI screens to be opened by either player independently, and can be view at the same time.

This means you and a friend won’t be fighting to access progression screens as you have full control on displaying these. These aren’t the final looks of the UI as Blizzard are tweaking things, but it gives a good insight in their approach to UI and how couch co-op will look.

Monster Family

This update also looked a bit more into Monster Families and enemy types. There are different monster families such as the Fallen, the Drowned and now the Cannibals. Each have their own combat style and look.

Drowned Family

The Drowned Family are a new threat that are located at the shores, consisting of 5 members with a number of archetypes: bruiser, ranged combat, melee combat, swarmer and dungeon boss. Each archetype have different sets of behaviour, swarmers like to group up and attack with AoEs, while Bruisers prefer to use DOTs and have high health. The variation will require different tactics to take down, providing different combat experiences.

The Cannibals

Introducing a new monster family, The Cannibals, a group of vicious and hungry enemies that don’t leave much behind. Their origin is a little foggy, but like to prey on unsuspecting villages. Those who manage to escape unscathed tell tales of their eyes burning with fire and an insatiable hunger for flesh.

The Cannibals consist of four members, each have their own weapon type and even vary in stance. Two are melee, one with a two-handed greatsword and the other uses a halberd with lunging attacks.

Bruisers on the otherhand favour spiked clubs, and swarmers wield dual-axes. Either family member sounds unforgiving and probably execute a gruesome death for players to witness.

The introduction to these different family types and even archetypes sounds interesting. In the past Diablo’s bestiary have been classed under much broader enemy types, but each of these enemy NPCs will leave a lasting impression.

Diablo IV hasn’t got a release date as of yet but what we do know is that Diablo 4 will be coming to PS4 and Xbox One as well as the next generation of consoles (PS5 and Xbox Scarlett). This is not really an indicator on release time, it just means going forward it will be supported on both generation of platforms. Our current prediction is for 2021. If you want to know more about Diablo 4 be sure to read/watch next Everything We Know: Diablo 4 All Classes, Skills, Gameplay, Lore, Open World, Mounts!

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