Diablo III: The Game That Keeps On Giving

Diablo III fans on PS4 and Xbox One and those with the base game and expansion on PC have yet another update to explore today as patch 2.4.0 has released. This update includes an entirely new area to explore, Greyhollow Island along with new enemies and bounties. Two areas have been expanded. Ever wanted to explore the royal quarters of Leoric’s Manor? Now you can!

diablo 2.4.0

Set Dungeons have been added. What are set dungeons you ask? If you manage to collect a full set of armor, all 6 pieces, you will unlock a clue about where to go to warp to a special dungeon for that set. Unlike most other dungeons these are static, not procedurally generated like other Diablo III dungeons. These dungeons offer special aesthetic rewards from sigils to wings. Both basic completion and mastery level rewards exist, so you better start practicing.

diablo 2

Seasons have been revised. You can now use seasonal rebirth to start your character from the previous season over as a level 1 character. All loot will be mailed to you so any non-season character can pick it up from the mail system for the next 30 days. Seasons will also have a set length starting with season 5, which will last around 3 months. Seasonal legendaries are out, Haedrig’s Gift is in. Completing the first four chapters of the season will earn you a class set. The set will change based on the season. New cosmetics will also be rewarded. It’s currently unclear if seasons will be expanded to the console side, previously they have been unavailable. The video in the article does not make it clear whether they have been added or not.

Fifty new legendary powers have been added to the game, some in the way of new items. Path 2.4.0 will also increase the slots available for storage. 10 tabs on PC. Console players on the other hand will have access to 350 slots rather than 240 slots.

diablo 3

Overall this looks to be another great update. Diablo III keeps expanding further and further at no additional cost. In a world where day one paid DLC is an all too common occurrence, Diablo III continues to deliver new content. Do you still play Diablo III? Will you have to jump back in for 2.4.0? Sound off in the comments below.

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8 comments on “Diablo III: The Game That Keeps On Giving”

  1. Avatar WyrmHero says:

    My completionist mind doesn’t let me finish this game already…

  2. Avatar dn1nd says:

    All right I just picked diablo 3 back up and have been playing it. looking forward to the new area.

  3. MichaelVash7886 says:

    Aside from a Platinum trophy, There’s basically no end to the game.

    You just better hope seasons aren’t added to consoles or you’ll never be able to complete it truly until they stopped support.

    But with Paragon levels, torment 10 and always more gear, it’s pretty crazy how long you can keep playing the game.

  4. Avatar Castielle says:

    I like the idea of more content. I have level character of every class, so I’ll have to decide which to play!


  5. Avatar Juli says:

    The difficulty doesn’t even stop at Torment 10. A well-geared character can one-shot elite packs in Torment 10. Greater Rifts are where the real endless difficulty grind is at. People on the PTR made it as high as GR 85+ solo, which is equivalent to what a hypothetical Torment 18 would be.

  6. MichaelVash7886 says:

    Oh I know, that’s kinda my point. Currently we don’t really know the upper limit of those do we. You could literally always try to be squeezing more out of your build. And Blizzard could keep adding better and better items to find and you can basically always work on getting more paragon levels.

  7. Avatar Sidney_Losstarot says:

    Is this patch available on PS3 too ?
    I knew the patch was about to be released but it was not clear if PS3 gamers would be included
    Diablo III is an awesome game and it really never ends….i hope they’ll release the patch even for PS3….

  8. Avatar dn1nd says:

    Ps4 xb1 and pc only.

    Currently there are issues with the new patch especially on the consoles.



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