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Diablo 4 Storm Druid Build – Tempest

In this Diablo 4 Storm Druid Build Guide I’ll show you how to play my Tempest Druid Build, which is an End Game Druid Build in Diablo 4, aimed at World Tier 3 that is capable of doing Helltide and Nightmare Dungeon content. If you’ve been looking for a good Diablo 4 End Game Druid Build, then this Guide is for you!

Diablo 4 Storm Druid Build – Tempest

The general strategy for this Diablo 4 Storm Druid End Game Build is similar to the Stormcaller Build, which is a build that focuses on the use of Storm Skills and more specifically Lightning Damage. Lightning Storm is your bread and butter skill just like before, and with this Build we find even more ways to take advantage of its extremely good AoE damage.

Diablo 4 Storm Druid Build - Lightning Storm

We’ve changed out Poison Creeper in exchange for the Boulder Skill, and the reason for that is because of the Aspect of Natural Balance, which provides your Storm Skills Critical Chance for 4 seconds after casting an Earth Skill. You can cast this Skill every 10 seconds, so you’ll have about a 40% up time on this bonus, and higher if you have any Cooldown Reduction. Boulder also deals significant damage, and pushes enemies away from you, giving you some breathing room.

As with the Stormcaller Druid Build, Lucky Hit still plays a large roll in the Tempest version, as there are still many synergies that benefit from it in this Build. Overcharged Aspect, Energize, Overload, Elemental Exposure, Bad Omen, Electric Shock, and Execute (on your weapon) are all parts of this Build that require Lucky Hits to trigger, which is far more than your average Build. Because of this you will have to look out for Jewelry and Gauntlets that have Lucky Hit Chance, to further increase the likelihood of these triggering.

Diablo 4 Storm Druid Build - Bad Omen

Crowd Control is also a large part of this Diablo 4 Storm Druid End Game Build since Storm Druids gain increased damage to Stunned and Immobilized enemies, as well as Slowed, and Knockbacked enemies via various passive skills that they have. So Crowd Controlling enemies not only protects them, but also fuels their damage even further, so it’s best to apply these effects before going to town with Lightning Storm.

Diablo 4 Storm Druid Build – Skill Distribution

Each Diablo 4 Storm Druid Build is made up of the 6 Active Skills they have equipped and changing these Skills can drastically change the way the Druid Class in Diablo IV plays. In this section we’ll take a look at what Skills you should slot for the Tempest Build. Note that we have all Skill Points available laid out for this Build, since it is assumed you will have nearly all of them by this point.

SkillPoints Spent
 Storm Strike 1
 Enhanced Storm Strike 1
 Fierce Storm Strike 1
 Lightning Storm 5
 Enhanced Lightning Storm 1
 Primal Lightning Storm 1
 Cyclone Armor 1
 Enhanced Cyclone Armor 1
 Innate Cyclone Armor 1
 Nature’s Reach 3
 Ancestral Fortitude 3
 Vigilance 3
 Hurricane 1
 Enhanced Hurricane 1
 Savage Hurricane 1
Boulder 5
Enhanced Boulder 1
Savage Boulder 1
 Cataclysm 1
 Prime Cataclysm 1
 Supreme Cataclysm 1
Elemental Exposure 3
Endless Tempest 3
Bad Omen 3
Charged Atmosphere 1
Electric Shock 3
Perfect Storm 1
Defiance 3
Circle of Life 3
Natural Disaster 3

The above list gives you the general order to invest in Skills, but keep in mind that you should prioritize picking up new Skills over investing in passives, so pick up passives later if you can get new Skills when you level up.

Equipment & Stats

Unlike our beginner version of this Diablo 4 Storm Druid End Game Build, the Stormcaller, we won’t be going into a ton of depth on the Skills themselves here, since I’m going to assume you are already somewhat familiar with them at this point, but I will still point out synergies. Instead I’ll be focusing on the Equipment and Stats themselves, as this is really what you start honing in on at this level of the game.


For your weapon for this Build you’ll want a two-handed staff, and two-handed staffs always come with Damage to Crowd Control enemies, which is a large focus of this Build. Crowd Controlled enemies are any enemies that are Slowed, Stunned, Immobilized, Knocked Down, Taunted, Feared, Dazed, Tethered, Chilled or Frozen.

Diablo 4 Storm Druid Build - Overcharged Aspect

Storm Druids focus mainly on Immobilized, Stunned, Slowed and Knocked Down, and they have many ways of accomplishing these things such as:

  • Enhanced Storm Strike: Chance to Immobilize enemies
  • Primal Lightning Storm: Chance to Immobilize enemies
  • Cyclone Armor: Knockback on enemies
  • Enhanced Cyclone Armor: Slowed on enemies hit by Knockback
  • Nature’s Reach: Increased damage to Distant enemies that are Slowed, Stunned, Immobilized or Knocked Back
  • Bad Omen: Chance to deal increased damage to Vulnerable, Immobilized or Stunned enemies
  • Electric Shock: Chance to Immobilize enemies when dealing Lightning Damage or increased damage to enemies already Immobilized
  • Enhanced Hurricane: Slows enemies
  • Enhanced Boulder: Last hit Slows enemies
  • Natural Disaster: Increased damage with Storm Skills against Stunned, Immobilized or Knocked Back enemies
  • Cataclysm: Knocks Back enemies
  • Perfect Storm: Storm Skills have increased damage against Vulnerable, Immobilized or Slowed enemies.

Bonuses to look for on your Staff are:

  • Damage to Distant Enemies
  • Vulnerable Damage
  • Damage to Crowd Controlled Enemies
  • Core Skill Damage

Distant enemies are any that aren’t in melee range, and even though you will use Storm Strike to regain Spirit, you will more often than not be doing the bulk of your damage to enemies not in melee range.

Enemies are Vulnerable all the time with this Build, so it’s a great bonus to have. Both Storm Strike and Cyclone Armor set this effect easily, as does Cataclysm, and you will gain passive Vulnerable triggers from Elemental Exposure as well. What’s great about this bonus is that it’s also effective against Bosses, and Bosses cannot be Crowd Controlled.

Damage to Crowd Controlled enemies is great because it covers all types of Crowd Control. That way you don’t have to worry about whether they are Knocked Back, Slowed, Stunned or Immobilized, you’ll just deal increased damage anyway. This will also increase your damage when playing with other players that use other forms of CC as well, which is nice.

Lastly is Core Skill Damage. This will boost Lightning Storm’s damage, which is where the bulk of your damage comes from. Definitely take this one if you can.


For Armor for this Diablo 4 Storm Druid End Game Build you want to focus on Damage Reduction and Maximum Life. Maximum life is great for this Build because you heal for 3% of it when using Nature Magic Skills, which is all of the ones we have. The higher your Max HP, the more you’ll heal for, and obviously the harder to kill you will be.

Diablo 4 Storm Druid Build - Mighty Aspect

Ranks to Lightning Storm and Boulder are not bad either, with Lightning Storm being the preferred of the two, since we use it much more often.

For Gauntlets you’ll want to look for Lucky Hit and Crit Chance if you can, since both of these are needed for this Build. These are the most important bonuses on this pieces that you can have, so keep them even if they are lower level.


For Jewelry for this Diablo 4 Storm Druid End Game Build you’ll want to prioritize Lucky Hit and Critical Hit Chance, just like Gauntlets if possible. Lightning Damage, Critical Damage, and Ranks to Storm or Nature Skills are also good here, as is Cooldown Reduction. These will be some of your best bonuses, so keep lower level ones that have more of the ones you want over higher level ones that don’t have them all.

Diablo 4 Storm Druid Build - Runeworker's Aspect

Legendary Aspects

Legendary Aspects you want to be on the look out for are as follows:

These all work together to improve your Lightning Damage, as well as help protect you from damage. Aspect of the Protector should be included in nearly every build, simply because it’s that good.

Storm Druid Paragon Setup

When you hit 50 and unlock the Paragon System, you’ll begin hunting for Glyphs to slot into your board, as well as picking up other bonuses as well. There are a few good choices of Glyphs for this Diablo 4 Storm Druid End Game Build early on, and those are:

Fulminate increases your Lightning Damage to Healthy and Injured enemies, which is great, along with boosting your overall Lightning Damage.

Earth and Sky increases your damage to Vulnerable or Crowd Controlled enemies, which synergizes very nicely with this build.

Fulminate Glyph

Human increases your damage while in Human form, while also decreasing the damage you take. It’s always good to get offense and defense from the game Glyph.

Exploit increases your damage against Vulnerable enemies, and also makes it so you set Vulnerable when you damage an enemy. This lasts 3 seconds, but can only trigger once every 20 seconds. Still this is a great way to boost your burst DPS.

Spirit increases your Critical Strike Damage, as well as increases the damage you deal to enemies you Critically Strike.

You’ll be shooting for the Thunderstruck Board, as this will further boost your Storm Skill Damage against Vulnerable and CCed enemies, but you won’t get there for some time.

Final Tips

Remember to upgrade your gear at the Blacksmith and Jeweler in order to increase the effectiveness of your gear. The game slows down a lot at this point in terms of leveling so you can use a piece of gear much longer than you could on Tier II. This can help you out a lot!

Use Elixirs to not only boost your damage, but to increase your XP gain. They are not hard to craft, and you should have a bunch of materials by this point of the game. They can make your Dungeon clear speed a bit better if you know the enemy type you will be facing. You might need to enter the dungeon first to see what’s inside before using.

Don’t forget to boost your defenses with this Diablo 4 Storm Druid End Game Build and look for good Armor with good defensive bonuses on it. Players have a tendency to prioritize offense, and they will have trouble in Helltides if they are not careful. You lose a half of your resources when you die in Helltides, so staying alive is important.

Lastly, ALWAYS use Cataclysm at the first sing of danger. This Skill can single handedly change the course of an encounter, and can absolutely melt bosses in seconds. Use it and love it!

Be sure to check out our Diablo 4 Wiki for any other questions you have about the game and the Builds page if you are looking for more Diablo IV Builds, as well as our Getting Started Guide and Best Class to Play if you are looking for more Diablo 4 content!

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  1. Just short on time due to multiple releases that are happening now(ish) – we had to travel for Twitchcon and to see Baldur’s Gate 3 and another couple of games and now we have to produce content for the previews for what we saw, etc, so not enough time to go back to Diablo or check on comments. We’re just a very small team and it’s a lot to cover.

  2. I have been using this build since I hit 50 and am loving it so far – but I have one question. Since we are using the perfect storm key passive, would Mighty Storm even work? Or does Mighty Storm still work if earthen might isn’t chosen as your key passive?

  3. Thanks!! Top build, just learn about spirit manage ( solved with mother embrace ring) and is really fun for me!
    As paragon I personally put fulminate + reach fast thunderstruck
    and as boons : Deer- Wariness / Double Eagle- Scythe Talons- Avian Wrath or Iron feather / Wolf – Calamity (energize can be viable too, but 25% of calamity is gold) / Snake -Overload !

  4. I’ve been wondering for a lot of the builds posted here, but would it be possible to go into a little more depth with the paragon trees? Even the suggested glyphs to go with certain boards would be a solid plus.

    Either way I’ve been using it as a base to build my own storm druid off of and it’s doing me wonders right now.

  5. Hi, great guide. This build is by far the most fun I had as Druid. However I was wondering about instead of using boulder to activate Aspect of Natural Balance, why not use Earth Spike instead of Storm Strike? That way you get much higher uptime on Natural Balance, and you can keep Poison Creeper in the build which is such a nice ability to root monsters.

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