Diablo 4 Confirmed to Have No Plans for Xbox Game Pass

Diablo 4 Confirmed to Have No Plans for Xbox Game Pass

Xbox Game Pass won’t be adding Diablo 4 on day one according to recent tweet.

Diablo IV Confirmed to Have No Plans for Xbox Game Pass

Diablo 4 is fast approaching its first beta weekend. You may be wondering if the latest ARPG would be coming to the likes of the subscription service Xbox Game Pass as a day one release. Well that looks like it won’t be happening according General Manager Rod Fergusson. In a tweet, Ferguson explained, “We’ve been getting some questions about D4 on Game Pass and I want to let you know we have no plans for that”.

Currently the acquisition of Activision-Blizzard by Microsoft is still processing. This would make many wonder if the Xbox owner would put Diablo 4 on Game Pass as day 1, but this confirmed that isn’t the plan for the demon-slaying title. As it stands, the game is set to release on June 6th for platforms PC, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Playstation 5 and Playstation 4.

Whether or not Diablo 4 may eventually make its way to Xbox Game Pass is too soon to tell, but could be a way to further beef up the already brimming full subscription service.

How to Prepare for Diablo 4 This Weekend

If you’re heading into Sanctuary this weekend you will probably want to know all there is know about classes, gear and more. The game is heading for its first beta this weekend for those who have pre-purchased the game. Be prepared for incoming Lilith and her minions by dropping by our Diablo 4 wiki. You can check out our Diablo IV Beta Class Guide to help you decide which class to pick for the beta. Don’t forget to preload the beta now, so you can jump in when the servers go live. The download file is roughly 84GB or 42GB if you opt for it without the texture pack.

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    Diablo is a massive franchise they will lose loads of money if they put it on gamepass

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