Diablo 2 Resurrected Farming Guide: How to Get the BEST Loot FAST
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Diablo 2 Resurrected Farming Guide: How to Get the BEST Loot FAST

In this Diablo 2 Resurrected Farming Guide we’ll be covering everything that you need to know about Farming and how to get the best equipment. This Diablo 2 Guide is intended for newcomers, but if you are a returning player you might be able to find some useful tips as well.

Diablo 2 Resurrected Farming Guide: How to Get the BEST Loot FAST

End game equipment and high level Runes can only be found on the hardest difficulty which is called Hell, so your fist goal should be to reach Hell Difficulty and be able to effectively clear its content. Hell difficulty can be very challenging for new players, as enemies have very large health pools, can be immune to certain elements, and deal a tremendous amount of damage.

In order to be able to effectively farm Hell, you should get some basic Runeword Equipment by farming Nightmare Countess and then focus on leveling up until you reach at least Lvl 85 ~ 90. This will compensate for the lack of equipment due to the extra Skill Points and Stats. From this point and forward, you’ll get more powerful by getting better equipment.

Diablo 2 Resurrected Farming Guide: Run Types

The type of content that you can clear in Hell Difficulty will likely depend on your Build and Equipment, as there are many enemies that are immune to certain types of elements, making them impossible to kill for certain builds.

Loot quality depends on a couple of different factors like the level of the area you are currently in, and the type of monster that you are facing. There are three main types of runs in Diablo 2 Resurrected which include Super Unique Monsters, Bosses and specific High Level Areas.

Farming in Diablo 2 can become very repetitive, so I highly recommend that you farm something that you enjoy instead of just going for the most efficient path. Games are meant to be enjoyed, so running the same unique monster one thousand times only because its more efficient is not something I would advise.

I personally like to swap between different runs and focus on the areas that I’m having the most fun playing. Having a couple of different characters is also great, as it provides more variety on both skills and locations.

Diablo 2 Resurrected Farming Guide| Super Unique Monsters

Monster Type affects the items that you might get. For this reason, some runs consist of defeating particular Super Unique Monsters that are usually easy to reach and provide very good loot.

If you just reached Hell and need some equipment to get started, these will probably be your best option.

Best Loot Farming in Act I

  1. The Countess: This  super unique drops between 1 and 3 Runes each time you defeat her. The level of the runes will depend on the difficulty, with Hell providing runes from El (lvl 1) to Lo (lvl 59). In addition to runes The Countess can also drop Keys of Terror, which are valuable items used to access Ubers that I’ll cover later on this guide. The quickest way to complete the run is to use the waypoint to the Black Marsh. Once there, search for the The Forgotten Tower and head inside. Keep going until you reach the 5th level and kill The Countess.

D2 Best Loot in Act II

  1. The Summoner: You can find the summoner at the end of the Arcane Sanctuary. He has a chance to drop the Key of Hate when defeated, which is required for the Ubers quest. You can reach the Arcane Sanctuary from it’s waypoint in Act II.

D2 Remaster Best Gear Act III

  1. Travincal Council: You can find a pack of super uniques next to the entrance of Durance of Hate in Travincal. Just use the waypoint that leads to Travincal. Head to the middle area, and defeat the members of the council. Make sure to max your fire elemental resistance, as they usually spawn many hydras.

Diablo 2 Best Farming Spots Act V

  1. Shenk the Overseer and Eldricth the Rectifier: Both of these super unique can be found very close to the Frigid Highland waypoint. They are both cold Immune so I wouldn’t recommend it if you are running a cold based build. To complete this run just use the waypoint to the Frigid Highland and head upwards. The first monster pack that you encounter will be Eldritch. Once you defeat him head south, past the waypoint and head down the stairs. You’ll find Shenk surrounded by enemies.
  2. Pindleskin: This is one of the best Super Uniques to farm, as it always drops at least two magical items or better when defeated. To find him, you’ll need to use the red teleporter that appears next to Anya once you complete the Prison of Ice quest. Once inside the teleporter, you’ll find him inside the building, just before the entrance of the Halls of Anguish.
  3. Nihlathak: You can find Nihlathak at the Hall of Vaught. Use your waypoint into the Halls of Pain, and then search for the entrance to the Hall of Vaught there. He provides very good drops, and also has a chance to drop Keys of Destruction, which are the final key required to perform Uber runs.

Diablo 2 Resurrected Farming Guide: Bosses

Act Bosses are a great alternative for farming equipment. They can also drop essences, which are used to create the Token of Absolution, a consumable item that allows you to respec your character.

Andariel Drops in D2

She can be found at the end of act 1 and has very low fire resistance, making her a great target for fire builds. You can reach her by using the Catacombs Lvl 2 waypoint and then heading down to the 4th level. She can drop the Twisted Essence of Suffering.

Duriel Farming in Diablo 2

He can be found at the end of act 2. Use the waypoint to the Canyon of the Magi and search for the right tomb. This can be tricky during online where the map changes each time you join a new game. Same as Andariel, he has a chance to drop the Twisted Essence of Suffering.

Mephisto Loot Diablo 2 Resurrected

This is by far the easiest boss to both reach and farm, and my number one recommendation for new players. Just use the waypoint to reach the Durance of Hate lvl 2 and search for the stairs leading to the next level. Once there, head left and at the end of the floor you’ll find Mephisto. He has a chance to drop the Charged Essence of Hatred.

If you are playing as a Sorceress, there’s a really easy way to get him stuck in a position where he can’t attack you but you can attack him. To do this, teleport near him and walk down towards the stairs next to the blood pool. Once he gets closer, teleport to the other side of the pool and run until the stairs are on top of your screen. Mephisto will now be trapped on the stairs and won’t be able to attack you, but your spells will reach him.

Another good trick is to head through the portal that leads to Hell before exiting the game. This will allow you to spawn at the Pandemonium Fortress next time you join a game. The Pandemonium Fortress has the waypoint right next to the spawn, saving you a lot of walking time between runs.

Diablo Drop Farm

In order to defeat Diablo you’ll need to activate all the seals of the Chaos Sanctuary. Since this is a very dangerous zone, I would only advise this for more experienced players. Diablo has a chance to drop the Burning Essence of Terror.

Baal Runs for Farming

Similar to Diablo, you’ll need to reach the Throne Room on the Worldstone Keep to face him. This can be a challenging task, so you should start doing it once you have better gear. Baal can drop the Festering Essence of Destruction.

Diablo 2 Resurrected Farming Guide: Lvl 85 Areas

Each location has what’s called an Area Level, meaning that enemies in that location will be able to drop up to a certain level of loot. While many good drops and Runes can be found in all Hell locations, only lvl 85 areas can drop all the items in the game.

For this reason, most players select these areas to perform their runs, hoping to get the most sought after items. To perform one of these runs, you’ll want to clear out all enemies in the area, paying special attention to champions and elites. Once you are done, exit the current game, create a new one and repeat.

Depending on your build, you’ll be more or less efficient in clearing some areas. Here is a list of lvl 85 areas, and the different types of immunities that you might encounter

Act I

Mausoleum – Lightning Immunes Only

This location can be found in the Burial Grounds, where you defeat Blood Raven during the Sisters’ Burial Ground quest. You’ll want to teleport to the Cold Plains waypoint, and then run into the cemetery to find the entrance. There’s a second entrance that leads to The Crypt, this location has an area lvl of 83, but you might still want to clear it on each run.

The Pit Level 1 and 2 – Lightning, Fire and Cold Immunes

This location can be found in the Tamoe Highland. Use the waypoint to the Outer Cloister and then head outside following the road until it splits to find the Pit entrance. The Pit is divided in two levels packed with many Elite Monsters. You’ll also find a golden chest on the second level.

Act II

Maggot Lair lvl 3 – Lightning, Physical and Poison Immunes

This location can be found in a random spot of the Far Oasis, so you’ll just need to teleport there and search for the entrance. It’s important to note that only the third level of the Maggot Lair is a lvl 85 area. Due to its irregular shape, and the amount of time required to get there, I wouldn’t recommend it as your main farming spot.

Ancient Tunnels – Lightning, Magic, Physical and Poison Immunes

Use the waypoint to reach the Lost City and search inside the buildings until you find a trapdoor, open it and head inside to reach the Ancient Tunnels.


Forgotten Temple – Lightning, Fire and Cold Immunes

This temple can be found in Upper Kurast, use your waypoint to get there and then search on top of the pyramids for the entrance. This location is very small and has very few enemies, so I wouldn’t recommend it at all

Ruined Fane and Disused Reliquary – Lightning, Fire and Cold Immunes

Both locations can be found at Kurast Causeway, which is located between Upper Kurast and Travincal. These locations are very small and aren’t worth running in my opinion.

Act IV

River of Flame – Lightning, Fire, Cold and Poison Immunes

This an amazing spot to farm, as it contains many champions and elites. There’s a waypoint at the entrance and at the end, so you can complete it from either direction.

Chaos Sanctuary – Lightning, Fire and Cold Immunes

This is one of the most difficult areas of the game, so I wouldn’t recommend doing this run until you have some equipment. Use the River of Flame waypoint and then head into the Chaos Sanctuary. For more efficiency, you can complete both River of Flame and Chaos Sanctuary on each run.

Act V

Worldstone Keep Lvls 1, 2,3 and Throne Room – All Types of Immunities

This can be a very difficult place to farm, depending on the enemies that spawn and their immunities. Use the waypoint to the Worldstone Keep lvl 2 and head towards the Throne Room to complete the run.

Diablo 2 Resurrected Farming Guide: Extra Locations

Secret Cow Level Farming Guide

This is a level 82 area, so you won’t be able to find all the items in the game there, but due to the increased amount enemies you’ll usually get more Runes, more weapon and armor bases for Runewords, and more items such as Rings, Charms and Amulets.

Act III Lower Kurast Super Chests Runs

Superchests are a unique type of chest that has a fixed drop table. This table includes up to Ber Runes making it the most efficient way to farm high level Runes in the game.

A total of 2 campfires can spawn for each Lower Kurast run, and you’ll find 2x superchests inside the hut located in the upper left, and 1x superchest in the hut located on the upper right of these campfires.

Difficulty level has a huge impact on chest drops, so you’ll want to set it to /players 8 in order to maximize efficiency. For this reason, this is mainly used by offline players and not very used while playing online. Magic Find has no impact on rune drops, so you won’t be needing it for the run.

Remember that maps don’t change while playing offline, so you can re-roll the map by changing the difficulty level and swapping back to Hell, until you get a map that is convenient to you.

Diablo 2 Resurrected Farming Guide: Magic Find

Magic Find is a bonus that increases the chances of an item drop to be magical in rarity. This does not increase the chance to drop a magical item, instead, it increases the chance of a dropped item to be magical. Note that the amount of dropped items won’t change by increasing MF, but rather the quality.

Let’s say there’s a certain item which has a flat chance for it to be magical at 3/1000. That’s the Chance for that item drop to be Magical if your Magic Find is at 0%. If your character’s Magic Find is at 100%, this will be doubled, meaning that the 3/1000 will improve to a 6/1000 chance to be Magical.

This is explains why having 100% Magic Find does not equal a 100% chance for an item drop to be magical, but instead an increased chance.

Magic Find is calculated the moment that an enemy dies or a chest is opened. This means that you can, for example, fight a boss until it has 1% HP left. Swap all your gear into Magic Find, kill him and you’ll get all the Magic Find benefits from your current equipped gear. An easy alternative for this is having a weapon and shield with very high Magic Find in the second weapon slot and swap just before the last hit or while opening chests.

Increasing Magic Find will also increase the chance of a dropped item to be Rare, Set or Unique, greatly increasing the overall quality of loot that you find during your runs. This, however, has diminishing returns so take it into consideration when selecting your gear. Here is a table with reference values regarding Magic, Rare, Set and Unique Magic Find.

Magic Find Rare Effective MF Set Effective MF Unique Effective MF
100% 85.71% 83.33% 71.42%
200% 150% 142.85% 111.11%
300% 200% 187.50% 136.36%
400% 240% 222.22% 153.84%
500% 272.72% 250% 166.66%
600% 300% 272.72% 176.47%
700% 323.07% 291.66% 184.21%
800% 342.85% 307.69% 190.47%
900% 360% 321.42% 195.65%
1000% 375% 333.33% 200%

One thing that I want to note is that most players ignore the fact that Magic Find doesn’t affect Rune drops in any shape or form. If your only interest is to farm Runes, then you should avoid Magic Find all together.

It’s also important to consider that Magic Find only remains beneficial if you are still able to quickly clear content. Even if you are getting 100% more chances of Magic Items, if it takes you 4 times as long to kill an enemy because of gear then you are actually worse off.

Diablo 2 Resurrected Farming Guide: UBERS

This farming method involves a late game event often referred to as “Ubers” or “Uber Tristram” which rewards you with a Hellfire Torch when completed.

This content is extremely hard and, in order to complete it, it’s almost mandatory to use a Paladin Build called “Smiter”. We’ll be publishing a video on how to make a Smiter soon, so make sure to stay tuned for that.

To start off, you’ll need to farm or buy three different types of keys that can only be acquired on Hell difficulty. Each key can be dropped from a different Super Unique Monster and has a drop chance of around 10%:

  1. Key of Terror: Acquired from The Countess on Act I
  2. Key of Hate: Acquired from The Summoner on Act II
  3. Key of Destruction: Acquired from Nihlathak on Act V

You’ll need 3 keys of each type for a total of 9 keys in order to access Uber Tristram.

Once you have the keys head to Harrogath. Open the Horadric Cube and place 1x of each key and then press the transmute button. This will create a red portal. Repeat the process 2 more times for a total of three portals called “Forgotten Sands”, “Matron’s Den” and “Furnace of Pain”. Each portal has a Boss inside that you need to defeat to get a material:

It’s very important that you gather all keys and use them in the same game, as this guarantees that you don’t get a duplicate portal. If you make them in different games, you risk getting a repeated portal like for example 2x Forgotten Sands.

Once you’ve defeated all three bosses, and gathered all the materials, throw them into the cube and transmute them to create a red portal into Uber Tristram.

Once inside Tristram, you’ll need to fight Uber Mephisto, Uber Baal and Uber Diablo. When you defeat the last of them, an unidentified torch will drop that can be worth many high Runes depending on its Attributes and Class.

If you are playing single player and want to get a Torch, you can either create a smiter as a second character, or you can respec your current one into a melee build with very high Crushing Blow and Life Tap.

Diablo 2 Resurrected Farming Guide: Online vs Offline

There’s a big difference regarding economy when it comes to playing online or offline.

While Online, you’ll be able to trade with other players or your friends, which makes it much easier to find the exact pieces of equipment that you might need.

While playing offline however, you’ll depend on your own findings. Since loot is random, it’s very difficult to find the exact pieces for the character that you are using, and you’ll often find things that are great, but not useful for your character.

You can partially compensate for this by using the /Players x function. Writing “/Players X” with X being a number from 1 to 8. This will copy the settings of an X player multiplayer game, but you’ll be able to keep all the experience and increased loot for yourself.

This is also very beneficial, because your clear-time will probably not be affected as much. For example, if an enemy has 100 health at /Players 1 and 800 Health at /Players 8 and you deal 800 Damage, you’ll kill both enemies with 1 hit, but the /Players 8 one will drop much better loot. Additionally, you’ll save time that is usually lost by exiting and joining a game to create new runs.

Final Notes & Tips

When finishing runs in Act II or Act III you’ll want to teleport back to town and use the waypoint into the Pandemonium Fortress before exiting the game. The Pandemonium’s Fortress waypoint is located right next to the spawn, so this will save you a ton of time between runs.

Clearing speed is often more important than Magic Find. First make sure that you are strong enough to quickly clear out the content, and then start adapting towards more Magic Find.

The Sorceress is one of the most popular classes to perform all types of runs because of her Teleport Skill. While playing with a different class, you can mimic this by getting a secondary weapon with Teleport Charges. Do keep in mind, that repair values will be significant if you are constantly using it to travel great distances.

That’s all for our Diablo 2 Resurrected Farming Guide! If you have other questions about the game be sure to drop by our Twitch channel and ask, or visit our Diablo 2 Resurrected Wiki!

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