Devil May Cry Will Get Its Own Board Game on Kickstarter

Devil May Cry Will Get Its Own Board Game on Kickstarter

With the recent release of Devil May Cry 5 last month, fans will be looking forward to another game but in the form of a Kickstarter project board game.

Devil May Cry Will Get Its Own Board Game on Kickstarter

Steamforged Games are going to list their board game project on Kickstarter this spring. The board game is an adaptation of the Devil May Cry “The Bloody Palace” where players will compete with others to gain a high rank score.

The current entry of Devil May Cry allows players to take on Dante, Nero, Trish or V in quests, however as this is an adaptation of the game there could be more possible playable characters as this is sometimes a stretch goal for projects.

From the image they have shared in their blog post they share a sneak peek at the full board game, which includes quality tabletop pieces, cards that will deal thew action and board. You can also sign up for their newsletter for a chance to win the game for free with a pledge worth £150.

Steamforged has in the past turn popular games into board games on Kickstarter including Horizon Zero Dawn, Resident Evil 2 and Dark Souls which raked in impressive $4 million. It just goes to show, with the right backing from fans, projects can go a long way.

Senior Brand Manager of Capcom who are working alongside Steamforged Games expressed why now was a great time to introduce the project to fans, following the release of DMC5 which not only appealed to die-hard fans of series but newer players as well:

We are delighted to be working with the folk at Steamforged Games to bring the demons of Devil May Cry to life on players tabletops. Following the recent success of the latest title in the series Devil May Cry™ 5, we believe that the brand is stronger than ever and can’t wait to see players enjoyment on playing the upcoming board game release next year.

When the Kickstarter launches Steamforged will provide a downloadable rulebook and videos of their team playing through the game so you can see exactly what type of gameplay to expect when it comes to demon hunters, enemies, bosses and more.

Providing a successful Kickstarter campaign, Devil May Cry: The Bloody Palace board game will launch next year.

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