Devil May Cry 5 to Receive First DLC this April

Devil May Cry 5 to Receive First DLC this April

Capcom are releasing their first DLC Bloody Palace for the demon hunter action game Devil May Cry 5 this April, but it looks like this will be the only DLC to be made.

Devil May Cry 5 to Receive First DLC Pack this April

Devil May Cry 5 released early this month with great success, and will be gaining a DLC called Bloody Palace on April 1st. Not only will players get to receive more DMC fun early April, but it will be free to those who own the game. It will launch across all platforms on the same day and will include the return of Bloody Palace mode.

This mode will pit players against waves of enemies and bosses, while they take on the challenge against the clock. In DMC5 you will get to play as either Dante, Nero or V to take on the onslaught of demons.

You can check out some of the screenshots below featuring Bloody Palace:

Devil May Cry 5 DLC Bloody Palace will release on April 1st on PC, Xbox One and Playstation 4.

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