Devil May Cry 5 Complete Walkthrough Guide

Devil May Cry 5 Complete Walkthrough Guide

In this Devil May Cry 5 Walkthrough Guide, we’ll show you where to find all Blue Orb Shards, all Purple Orb Shards, all Gold Orbs, all Secret Missions and all Weapons. Things will be laid out in a chronological manner, as the game is mostly linear, which a few exceptions.

Devil May Cry 5 Walkthrough Guide

There are a few Missions through out the game where you can choose different characters, and we’ll make note of any differences that occur in the game when doing so. We’ll start with Mission 1 since there is nothing to collect in the Prologue, and we’ll work our way through each, noting where to find what. We’ll also tell you what to expect on each Mission at the very beginning of each section, so if you can tell if you’ve already acquired everything, saving you time.

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Mission 1 Nero

  • Gold Orbs: 1
  • Blue Orb Fragments: 1

The Gold Orb is located near the beginning of the level. It is extremely high in the air near the bridge, and you can get it by jumping onto the bus and using Gerbera after each jump. Note that you will need the triple jump ability that you will only get from defeating the game once, so you cannot get this on the first playthrough.


The Blue Orb Fragment is located immediately after the cut scene where you look down at the Red Empusa. After jumping down, follow it and you will see the Blue Orb Fragment. Jump up to it.


Mission 2 Qliphoth

  • Blue Orb Fragments: 2
  • Gold Orbs: 1
  • Secret Missions: 1

The first thing you will find in Mission 2 is a Gold Orb. After the first enemy encounter you can either go straight down the street or jump up on the right-hand side. If you jump up right you will find another street you can drop down to. You’ll fight another group of enemies just before the Gold Orb, which is at the end of this street.


After picking up the second Nidhogg Hatchling, some enemies will spawn in the room with you. Move over the grey rocky looking ground nearby and let the enemy strike it to break the floor. The Blue Orb Fragment is located here.


After using the second Nidhogg Hatchling, you will come to the first Secret Mission and the game will give you a tutorial on how to find them. By completing the Secret Mission (defeating the enemies in time) you will gain a Blue Orb Fragment.


When you make your way to the third Nidhogg Hatchling out on the street, instead of picking it up, turn around and face the opposite direction. You will see a Devil Breaker up on a ledge, jump up and get it and then jump again to get this Blue Orb Fragment.


Mission 3 Flying Hunter

  • Blue Orb Fragments: 2
  • Gold Orbs: 3
  • Secret Missions: 1

You’ll find your first Blue Orb Fragment after standing on a couple of Grim Grips and using your Wire Snatch. It’s between two white machinery housing structures, on one of the buildings you land on.


Shortly after that you will land on a building where one corner of the roof has crumbled away, and there will be some enemies here. After defeating them, head under and inside through the crumbling area to find a Gold Orb. (Note this area is only available if the player playing V on Mission 4 has broken the Qliphoth vines above and dropped a tower to create this opening)


After this building you will need to shoot an orb to reveal a Grim Grip which will take you to the top of a building with some Red Empusas. Here you will find another Gold Orb on the roof.


Continuing on you will land on a roof that has another Gold Orb smack in the middle of it. You can’t miss it.


There is a Secret Mission as you enter the stairwell in the sewers after breaking the Qliphoth roots, and a short cut scene will show you where you need to go when you enter this area. Jump all the way to the bottom and look up to reveal Secret Mission #2. Don’t let any of the Red Empusa escape to receive another Blue Orb Fragment.


In this same stairwell, at the top is a Grim Grip that you can use to get into a hole in the ceiling. Inside is a Blue Orb Fragment.


Mission 4 V

  • Gold Orbs: 2
  • Purple Orb Fragments: 1
  • Blue Orb Fragments: 2
  • Secret Missions: 1

The first Gold Orb is located after you break the Qliphoth roots, and then drop down and a tutorial shows you how to use Nightmare. Up the boxes to your left you will find the the Gold Orb.


After you have destroyed the Qliphoth roots on the bridge it another Gold Orb will be right behind you.


Up head after the Gold Orb is a Purple Orb Fragment.


Next you have to summon Nightmare during the enemy encounter (just ahead) to reveal the first Blue Orb Fragment. Doing so will net you the Trophy “Backyard” as well. Once the enemies are gone, jump into the broken wall and grab the Blue Orb Fragment.  Make sure you grab the second Nidhogg Hatchling here.


The next Blue Orb Fragment is at the end of the street to the left of the white van. You will need to use a Nidhogg Hatchling to get to it.


Use the second Nidhogg Hatchling here to open another door that leads up to Secret Mission #3. You’ll go up some stairs and jump through a whole in the ceiling to get here.


Mission 5 The Devil Sword Sparda

  • Blue Orb Fragments: 1
  • Gold Orbs: 1
  • Purple Orb Fragments: 1
  • Secret Missions: 1

There is a Blue Orb Fragment immediately after you face the enemy that shoves its hand through the ceiling for the second time. After defeating it, head down and under the platform you are on (will be on the left side), and you will find it by a burning barrel.


Immediately after grabbing this, attack the Qliphoth roots and some enemies will appear behind you. Use Nightmare to break the wall here to reveal another area containing Secret Mission #4. You will need to go up the steps to get the vantage point.


After fighting the Empusa Queen head forward and then jump on to the platform above you to find a Purple Orb Fragment.


After defeating the second Empusa Queen, head forward to the end of the sewer and bank left for find a Gold Orb.


Mission 6 Steel Impact

This mission is just a boss fight, and there are no collectibles in it. See Our Bosses Guide for details.

Mission 7 United Front

  • Gold Orbs: 2 (1 per character)

V Part

After defeating the encounter with the spawning lizard enemies, destroy the vines and head into the next room. There is a Gold Orb on the left-hand side near the train.


Nero Part

At beginning of mission, kill 2 scissor enemies then go all the way upstairs instead of going right to find a Gold Orb.


Mission 8 Demon King

  • Blue Orb Fragments: 2
  • Gold Orbs: 2
  • Secret Missions: 1

After going through the second blood stream there will be a Divinity Statue. Equip a Gerbera Devil Breaker when there, and use it to get the Blue Orb Fragment just ahead. Jump, Gerbera, Jump again and Gerbera.


Next you’ll find Secret Mission #5 by going up the lava lift (this will be the second one you’ve used), and jumping off to the right before you reach the top. Use the Grim Grips to get to a landing up above. Drop down, and step on the spot to reveal the Secret Mission directly where you just dropped down.

After this you can take the Grim Grip to your left and go up to the top of the lava lift to find a Gold Orb.


Head towards the next blood doorway and kill the enemy behind it before going through to reveal a Blue Orb Fragment.


After using the phone to call Nico, there is a ledge you can jump up near her van that has a Gerbera Devil Trigger. Jump up to it, and then use it to jump across to a darkened ledge. Jump above the ledge to reveal some Red Empusas and a Gold Orb.


Mission 9 Genesis

  • Blue Orb Fragments: 2
  • Gold Orbs: 2
  • Purple Orb Fragments: 1
  • Secret Missions: 1

There is a Gold Orb inside a breakable wall just after defeating a group of lizards after a Behemoth. You’ll need to use Nightmare to open up this wall.


After another fight ahead you will come to a Blue Orb Fragment that is blocked by some roots. You will need to get close and summon Nightmare to destroy them, and then you can get it.


Immediately after, in this same area, jump onto the stairs at the back and look back at the entrance to find Secret Mission #6.


After proceeding into the crypt area, drop down the hole and summon Nightmare by the large door to smash it down. Defeat the enemies inside to reveal a Purple Orb Fragment.


In the same room as the hole you fell down, there is a door you can jump out on to some rocky platforms to get a Blue Orb Fragment.


Once you exit the crypt area, there is a Gold Orb on a ledge on the right-hand side.


Mission 10 Awaken

  • Blue Orb Fragments: 1
  • Gold Orbs: 2
  • Purple Orb Fragments: 1
  • Secret Missions: 1
  • Weapons: Devil Sword Sparda

In the second room where you have to defeat the enemies or the jagged teeth door will close. After defeating the enemies in time, head through the teeth door, up the ramp and jump to get a Blue Orb Fragment.


In the green lit room after defeating the monsters a Purple Orb Fragment will appear. You have to jump up to this room on the right side.


Next is Secret Mission #7, which is located through another jagged teeth door in the room with enemies that has two of these doors. Taking the right-hand one from where you entered this area will take you here. The best way to complete this mission is to wait for the Death Scissors to attack and then attacking with your sword at the same time and then quickly firing your Pistols or Shotgun.


The left-hand jagged teeth door holds a Gold Orb. If you don’t finish the fight in time, just reload from the last checkpoint as it is just before this location.


Last is a Gold Orb that’s located in the room with the raising and lowering shelves. It’s on a high shelf on the right-hand side that you cannot see until you are at the

After completing this mission you will unlock the Devil Sword Sparda for Dante.

Mission 11 Reason

  • Blue Orb Fragments: 1
  • Gold Orbs: 1
  • Purple Orb Fragments: 1
  • Secret Missions: 1
  • Weapons: Kalina Ann, Cavaliere

You’ll find Secret Mission #8 after you destroy the first vine in the building area (second vine in mission) and go backwards and  jump to the highest point you can, then look backward at the building.


Head down the hole in the floor where you destroyed the first vine, and destroy the vine on the right here and then return back the way you came. You will find the Kalina Ann weapon here in a room now revealed to the right.


From here, once again make your way back to where you found the Secret Mission to find a Gold Orb.


Now head back down and destroy the second vine in the bottom area to reveal a Blue Orb Fragment nearby.


After defeating all the enemies in a circular area a Purple Orb Fragment will be revealed just up above. Jump up and get it.


Once you complete this mission you’ll unlock the Cavaliere Weapon (motorcycle).


Mission 12 Yamato

  • Blue Orb Fragments: 1
  • Gold Orbs: 1
  • Purple Orb Fragments: 1
  • Secret Missions: 1
  • Weapons: Devil Sword Dante

After using the Niddhog Hatchling on the bottom door (by the statue), restore the blood flow at the top and then head through the newly opened door. Immediately on your right will be a Purple Orb Fragment.


Continuing forward you will restore another blood flow and another door will open. After going through this small door, immediately jump up on your right to find a Blue Orb Fragment.


Following this path, just as you approach the last vine that you can break, if you look right you will see a Gold Orb out on the ledge.


After dropping down the hole revealed by the statue, you will come upon a set of stairs that lead upward fairly quickly. Jump onto them, and them turn around and jump up. Find the spot there on the landing to reveal Secret Mission #9. The best way to complete this Mission is by using the Cavaliere and double jumping and then just spamming Triangle while mid air.


You will gain the Devil Sword Dante Weapon from reaching the house, which is near the end of the level.


Mission 13 Three Warriors

  • Gold Orbs: 2 (Note there are only 2 total and it does not matter which character you get them with)
  • Weapons: Dr. Faust

You will gain the Dr. Faust Weapon at the beginning of this Mission.


All Characters

Destroy the vines in the room with many vines to destroy and lots of enemies. This should be your 3rd or 4th drop down. You will find a Gold Orb hidden inside one of the vines here.


Another vine will leave a hole in the ground that will take you to a yellowish area where you will find another Gold Orb. There are two holes that open, and one does not have one, but it does have a lot of Red Orbs so do both.


Mission 14 Diverging Point: V

  • Blue Orb Fragments: 1
  • Purple Orb Fragments: 1
  • Gold Orbs: 1
  • Secret Missions: 1

After going into the other dimension go right, and there is a Gold Orb behind the far right rock formation.


In this same area, you will need to get Griffon back by defeating a boss in order to get to the Blue Orb Fragment on the right of this area. Once you have him, jump up onto the adjacent rock formation, and then use Griffon to glide over.


After coming out of the other dimension head forward and when you come to a short cutscene head down the left path (which is a dead end blocked by roots). Turn right and drop over the edge to find a Purple Orb Fragment.


After destroying the second set of blood roots, if you head forward a little bit to the corner and look back you will find Secret Mission #10.


Mission 15 Diverging Point: Nero

  • Blue Orb Fragments: 2
  • Gold Orbs: 2
  • Secret Missions: 1

Take the high road through the pink spikes, hugging the left, and you will see the Gold Orb up above on the left. You’ll need to use Gerbera or have the triple jump unlocked to make it up there. Or you can attempt to use the Grim Grips on the ride side, but they are hard to use.


After making your way down, there are a bunch of glowing platforms you must make your way across to get to another Gold Orb. You can use the Gerbera arm to get there, which the level gives you plenty of.


Once you get to the Divinity Statue you can go two ways. If you go one way then you will gain a shortcut scene nearly immediately that shows you how to use the Punch Line Jet. This will take you to Secret Mission #11.


Just above Secret Mission #11 is a Blue Orb Fragment. But in order to get there you need to use Punch Line and take the more difficult path. You need to get your Stylish rank up in order to make it to the top, so kill a few enemies and then go. B Rank was enough to get there.


Further on ahead, by a ways is a room that has an Ice Caster enemy on a platform and some other enemies. After defeating them there will be a Grim Grip that you can use to go up to the right to find a Blue Orb Fragment. It’s past the Firebats.


Mission 16 Diverging Point: Dante

  • Blue Orb Fragments: 1
  • Purple Orb Fragments: 1
  • Gold Orbs: 1
  • Weapons: King Cerberus

On your way down where you first encounter breakable platforms there is a Gold Orb in a small well lit space here.


Up ahead you will find a room where you can jump across using a breakable platform, or you can go down. Make your way down and fight a group of enemies at the bottom, instead of going across, and then make your way down carefully to a Purple Orb Fragment. This is the last one in the game.


Now, reload from the checkpoint again and make your way down to above the Purple Orb Fragment, but go on the opposite side of this area. There will be a breakable platform and a Red Orb Tree. Just through the opening, you can drop down twice to a ledge and look up and back to find Secret Mission #12. You will need the Dr. Faust upgrades for this.


Now, retry the mission from the checkpoint and then head across this same room that you spawn in front, across the platform that breaks. Make your way down and you will come to a Blue Orb Fragment. Devil Trigger in Trickster form, and jump and dash and then jump again and hold “X” to glide across to the fragment.


By defeating the boss of this Mission you will unlock the weapon: King Cerberus


Mission 17 Brothers

Weapons: Kalina Ann II, Double Kalina Ann

This Mission is just a boss battle, and you unlock the Kalina Ann II and Double Kalina Ann afterwards

Mission 18 Awakening

After defeating Shadow, head up the ledges to the left (where he runs to) and defeat the 3 Red Empusa there to reveal a Blue Orb Fragment. This is the last blue orb in DMC 5.


After defeating Shadow a second time, head behind the blood doorway to find a Gold Orb.


Mission 19 Virgil

This level is just a boss battle.

Mission 20 True Power

This level is just a boss battle.

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