Devil May Cry 5: All Gold Orbs Locations Guide

Devil May Cry 5: All Gold Orbs Guide. In this Guide, we’ll show you where to get all Gold Orbs that allow you to continue with full Vitality and Devil Trigger. Some of these you may not be able to get easily unless you purchase specific skills, so please keep that in mind.

Devil May Cry 5: All Gold Orbs Locations Guide

Gold Orbs allow you to continue and are very valuable because they do not repopulate with each new playthrough. This means as you get into the harder difficulties, where you are more likely to die, you will really need these. For this reason it is advised you not only hang on to them only at least Son of Sparda, but also login each day and play online to get more Gold Orbs. You can also purchase a few from Nico.


By playing Online you will be matched with other players who may rate your “Ssstylish” granting you Gold Orbs.

Mission 1 Nero

The Gold Orb is located near the beginning of the level. It is extremely high in the air near the bridge, and you can get it by jumping onto the bus and using Gerbera after each jump. Note that you will need the triple jump ability that you will only get from defeating the game once, so you cannot get this on the first playthrough.


Mission 2 Qliphoth

The first thing you will find in Mission 2 is the Gold Orb. After the first enemy encounter you can either go straight down the street or jump up on the right-hand side. If you jump up right you will find another street you can drop down to. You’ll fight another group of enemies just before the Gold Orb, which is at the end of this street.


Mission 3 Flying Hunter

After you land on a building where one corner of the roof has crumbled away, and there will be some enemies here. After defeating them, head under and inside through the crumbling area to find a Gold Orb. (Note this area is only available if the player playing V on Mission 4 has broken the Qliphoth Roots above and dropped a tower to create this opening)


After this building you will need to shoot an orb to reveal a Grim Grip which will take you to the top of a building with some Red Empusas. Here you will find another Gold Orb on the roof.


Continuing on you will land on a roof that has another Gold Orb smack in the middle of it. You can’t miss it.


Mission 4 V

The first Gold Orb is located after you break the Qliphoth roots, and then drop down and a tutorial shows you how to use Nightmare. Up the boxes to your left you will find the the Gold Orb.


After you have destroyed the Qliphoth roots on the bridge another Gold Orb will be right behind you.


Mission 5 The Devil Sword Sparda

After defeating the second Empusa Queen, head forward to the end of the sewer and bank left for find a Gold Orb.


Mission 7 United Front

V Part

After defeating the encounter with the spawning lizard enemies, destroy the roots and head into the next room. There is a Gold Orb on the left-hand side near the train.


Nero Part

At beginning of mission, kill 2 scissor enemies then go all the way upstairs instead of going right to find a Gold Orb.


Mission 8 Demon King

There is a Gold Orb located at the top of the SECOND lava lift.


After using the phone to call Nico, there is a ledge you can jump up near her van that has a Gerbera Devil Trigger shining. Jump up to it, and then use it to jump across to a darkened ledge. Jump above the ledge to reveal some Red Empusas and a Gold Orb.


Mission 9 Genesis

There is a Gold Orb inside a breakable wall just after defeating a group of lizards after a Behemoth. You’ll need to use Nightmare to open up this wall.


Once you exit the crypt area, there is a Gold Orb on a ledge on the right-hand side. You can see it earlier in the level, but not grab it.


Mission 10 Awaken

In the room with the two jagged teeth doors, the left one holds a Gold Orb. If you don’t finish the fight in time, just reload from the last checkpoint as it is just before this location. You can grab this one really quick and then dart across to the right-hand one before it closes.


There is a Gold Orb that’s located in the room with the raising and lowering shelves. It’s on a high shelf on the right-hand side that you cannot see until you are at the

Mission 11 Reason

After you destroy the first Qliphoth roots in the building area (second roots in mission) and backtrack and  jump to the highest point you can, then look backward at the building.


Mission 12 Yamato

Just as you approach the last blood supply, if you look right you will see a Gold Orb out on the ledge.


Mission 13 Three Warriors

Destroy the roots in the room with many roots to destroy and lots of enemies. This should be your 3rd or 4th drop down. You will find a Gold Orb hidden inside one of the roots here.


Another root will leave a hole in the ground that will take you to a yellowish area where you will find another Gold Orb. There are two holes that open, and one does not have one, but it does have a lot of Red Orbs so do both.


Mission 14 Diverging Point: V

After going into the other dimension go right, and there is a Gold Orb behind the far right rock formation.


Mission 15 Diverging Point: Nero

Take the high road through the pink spikes, hugging the left, and you will see the Gold Orb up above on the left. You’ll need to use Gerbera or have the triple jump unlocked to make it up there. Or you can attempt to use the Grim Grips on the ride side, but they are hard to use.


After making your way down, there are a bunch of glowing platforms you must make your way across to get to another Gold Orb. You can use the Gerbera arm to get there, which the level gives you plenty of.


Mission 16 Diverging Point: Dante

On your way down where you first encounter breakable platforms there is a Gold Orb in a small well lit space here.


Mission 18 Awakening

After defeating Shadow a second time, head behind the blood doorway to find a Gold Orb.


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