Devil May Cry 5 All Bosses Guide

Devil May Cry 5 All Bosses Guide

All Bosses Guide for Devil May Cry 5, featuring the in-game model images and descriptions by Nico, as well as where to find the enemies and some tips on how to take them on. If you want to learn more about DMC5, see our Enemies and Weapons guides as well!

All Bosses in DMC 5

There are a total of 17 unique bosses in the Devil May Cry 5, and each boss has its own moveset, strengths, and weaknesses. Some bosses can block and deflect attacks, some bosses have special rage modes, and others can only attack on melee or range. Learning their attack types and weaknesses is key to success, so read on for a full list of all bosses found in game and the best way to deal with them.


Qliphoth Roots

We’re seeing these bundles of Qliphoth roots all over Red Grave. The outer skin on ’em is so thick you’d have to spend hours working on ’em with your sword or gun to cut through. Figures-what other kind of plant would survive in the underworld?

Luckily these shrinkin’ violets wear their hearts on their sheeves, Look for the pulsating mass of red somewhere within the roots. My theory is that these spots are like hearts, pumping collected blood into the Qliphoth.

Well, like any gal knows, if you put your heart out in the open it’s gonna get broke. Take out the pulsating red blobs and the roots should wither.

Just try not to think about how much blood they needed to get that big…



This demon calls himself Goliath. Gotta love it when they just up and tell you their name—makes my job so much easier.

Anyway, when you see a roiled-out musclehead demon like this ‘un, you can pretty much guarantee he’ll be dumber’n a sack of pork chops.

Still, that gnarly belly-mouth is impressive stuff. Draggin’ crap in and superheatin’ it in his hellfire? That’s got potential. Gave me a few ideas for expanding the arsenal.

So I guess we kinda owe this ape a thank-you.



You heard of Machiavelli? He’s a legend. One of the underworld’s top gunsmiths.

Now would you believe it if I told you Artemis started out as a gun he made? Seems that fusing gun with a human host created this.

Man, I wish I could have seen it in the flesh. Those energy beams it was shooting at you were graceful, right? Like a ballet of destruction. Yeah, I can see it now.

A priceless relic, one of the last remaining artifacts of Machiavelli’s genius. …Until somebody came along and smashed it the hell up.

Just…just don’t talk to me for a while.



According to V, this thing.was livin’ symbiotically with the Qliphoth, a parasite among the vines.

With all that blood running through the Qliphoth, it figures that something would hitch a free ride.

Its humanoid core would be weak to attack if it weren’t for all the tentacle-like arms it can swing around to defend itself.

On top of that, it can hide itself inside the Qliphoth to stay safe. If you want to kill it, you gotta find a way to drag it kickin’ and screamin’ into the open.

Oh, and by the way…this thing is as dumb as they come.


Elder the Geryon Knight

Geryon are listed as “equus daemonicus” in some of the oldest demonology texts. That’s “horse demon” to the uneducated. You keeping up okay, sugar?

Anyway, seems these demons come in all shapes and sizes, but the one thing they have in common is the power to mess with time.

They’re also proud—this is not a horse you just jump onto and ride around.
So if V’s tellin’ the truth, the way that knight was able to ride this Geryon is some mighty impressive stuff.


Cavaliere Angelo

Whatever sorcery it was that cooked up the original Black Angel, somebody’s been mighty busy perfectin’ it to make this fella.

Retractable shields built into both arms? It’s attack and defense in a single package! And with that demon gal Trish stuck inside, it could blast lightning all up in your face too. Lemme tell ya, I’ve got a lot of respect for the design!

Sure wish I coulda seen this one myself, but I guess I’ll have to quiz Trish and Dante about it instead…



Gilgamesh is a kind of metal that can be mined from the bedrock of the underworld. Fuse it with demon flesh, and you’ve got armor harder than steel.

That’s what we got here. Seems somebody decided to fuse the roots of the Qliphoth with the roots of the Qliphoth with a batch of Gilgamesh, and before you know it there’s a three-story metal demon walkin’ around.

The really rad thing about Gilgamesh is that it can create shockwaves outta thin air. That’s how this varmint was blowin’ things up from a distance-and it means runin’ don’t do you no good.

If you want to kill somethin’ like this, you gotta get up close ‘n’ personal.


Scudo Angelo (Boss)

In his journals, my daddy sometimes mentions the Black Angel—some kind of powerful demon that used to inhabit the underworld.

Daddy had a theory that it was created by transubstantiating an unwilling human victim into demonic flesh.

If that theory was right, then these dead-eyed creeps are like a mass-produced version of the Black Angel.

Their shields? Hella tough. If you wanna get around ’em, you’re gonna have to use your head. Good luck with that.


Proto Angelo (Boss)

Check out the armor and weapon on this demon. I’m seein’ clear similarities to the Black Angel.

My guess is these are some kinda prototype, or maybe modified version of the Black Angel.

We’ve seen these weirdos speaking to the mass-produced types, giving them orders like they’re in command. Seems they’re smarter than your average hell-beast.

And hey, I know you think you’re invincible, but that sword’ll give you more than a close shave. But, if you can parry it, I reckon you’ll have a pretty big opening to do your stuff.


Nobody (Bosses)

At first glance, these uglies seem half-formed, like they broke outta the egg too early. I gotta admit, there’s still a lot I can’t figure out about lem.

Half-baked or not, theylll tear you a new one if you don’t watch out. They got more strength in those spindly arms than your three average demons combined.

And what else is on the menu? Magic powers. When you see ’em kinda dancing around, they’re absorbing demonic power right outta the atmosphere.

What really bugs me is those masks they wear. The masks are important to ‘em somehow…Just wish I could figure out how.


Mirage Goliath

I guess I’d describe this as a metaphysical infernal phantasm… Sounds pretty good, right? I’mma write that one down.

Looks like this one is supposed to be Goliath…kind of a waste of effort if you ask yours truly. If you’re gonna bust out this kind of power, why not choose somethin’ a bit more badass?

Anyway, if the likes of this fella caused you trouble, you wouldn’t have survived so long.


Mirage Artemis

Another metaphysical infernal phantasm. Man, I love the sound of that.

The one’s based on Artemis…But just my luck, the gorgeous light show of the original ain’t nowhere to be seen.

Whatever it was that made this thing got no appreciation for the finer things in life!


Miraggio Angelo

*Ahem* What we have here is a metaphysical infernal phantasm. Oo-ee! I impress myself.

I got an inklin’ that these are yanked out of the target’s memory and manifested to go on the attack. The ol’ “nightmares made real” deal. But heck, I’m an engineer, not a wicked witch. What do I know about magic?

What’s clear is that no phantasm is gonna be more powerful than the original.

You got nothing to fear from these things…unless you’re already on your last legs.



According to V, this demon calls itself Malphas.

Judging by the different body tissue of its upper and lower ‘halves, I think it used to be two separate entities.

My guess is some arcane sorceress type fused the bird into herself, but then realized she couldn’t keep the bird under control.

By the way, this bird was still a lil’ chick. If you’d let it grow up all big an’ strong, we coulda had a real problem on our hands.


King Cerberus

Everybody knows that when you see a big mutt with three heads, that there is a Cerberus. But Dante managed to run into the king of the whole bunch? That guy’s movin’ up in the world.

Well, you gotta hand it to the king—wielding fire, lightning, and ice ain’t no mean feat.

But like all Cerberus, under all the king-this and your-majesty that, he ain’t nothing but a glorified guard dog. Wonder if Urizen was upset about what happened to his pup.



Your target—the demon king.
Thing is, I can’t find any mention of Urizen in any of my demonology texts. You’d think a guy who crowns himself king of all demons would be a little more infamous…

Well, superstar or not, he’s definitely got the power to keep a grip on the throne. But you don’t need me to tell you that, huh?

Listen, if you’re sure you wanna take this guy down… watch your ass, all right?


Urizen (Mission 8)

This sheds some light on what Urizen was up to-rooting himself into the Qliphoth to grow fat on its power. He wasn’t just fighting you sitting down outta contempt. He needed to stay rooted into that thing to absorb its power.

That makes it all the crazier that he cut himself off to move around!

Those shreds of the Qliphoth left in his body looked like a real headache, attacking and defending at Urizen’s will. How you got outta this fight alive l’ll never know.


Urizen (Mission 17)

All that blood…all that life force focused into the fruit of the Qliphoth. When Urizen ate that thing his whole “king of hell” gig seemed like nothing — he had the power to shake the foundations of the world.

He was so damn powerful that he just cast off those verstiges of the Qliphoth that were his weapons and armor. They were only slowin’ him down.

From then on, all he needed was his own physique — the ultimate expression of killing power.

To take him on and win…you’d need the power of a god.



Son of the legendary dark knight and Dante’s brother.

Lady says he once lost to Dante and got his ass thrown into the depths of the underworld.

Later, he turned his sword— the Yamato—on himself, using its power to cleave demon from human and so sever everything that was holding back his demonic side.

So V was the humanity he left by the wayside…

Well, they’re back together now. Vergil’s weakened days are over.



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