Devil May Cry 5: All Blue Orb Fragment Locations Guide (Physical Perfection)

Devil May Cry 5: All Blue Orb Fragments and Orbs Guide. In this Guide we’ll show you where to get all blue Orbs in DMC 5. They are used to increase your Vitality, and there are a total of 6 Blue Orbs you can purchase, and 32 Blue Orb Fragments you can find (including the Secret Missions) in Devil May Cry 5. Please see our Secret Mission Guide for all information about those.

Devil May Cry 5: All Blue Orb Fragments & Orbs (Physical Perfection Trophy)

The first thing you want to do is purchase all Purple Orbs from Nico once her shop becomes available to you. These will increase in price with each purchased, starting at 1500, then 3000, 6000, 9000, 18000, and 40000. It is well worth having these, because it will speed up fights drastically, and make things much easier, particularly on harder difficulties.


Buying Blue Orbs from Nico or Divinity Statues is a great way to boost your Vitality. This helps you save precious Gold Orbs during tough boss battles.

Mission 1 Nero (#1)

In Mission 1, the Blue Orb Fragment is located immediately after the cut scene where you look down at the Red Empusa. After jumping down, follow it and you will see the Blue Orb Fragment. Jump up to it.


Mission 2 Qliphoth (#2 & #3)

After picking up the second Nidhogg Hatchling, some enemies will spawn in the room with you. Move over the grey rocky looking ground nearby and let the enemy strike it to break the floor. The Blue Orb Fragment is located here.


When you make your way to the third Nidhogg Hatchling out on the street, instead of picking it up, turn around and face the opposite direction. You will see a Devil Breaker up on a ledge, jump up and get it and then jump again to get this Blue Orb Fragment.


Mission 3 Flying Hunter (#4 & #5)

You’ll find your first Blue Orb Fragment after standing on a couple of Grim Grips and using your Wire Snatch. It’s between two white machinery housing structures, on one of the buildings you land on.


This Blue Orb Fragment is located in the stairwell in the sewers after breaking the Qliphoth roots, at the top of the stairwell is a Grim Grip that you can use to get into a hole in the ceiling. Inside is a Blue Orb Fragment.


Mission 4 V (#6 & #7)

Summon Nightmare during the enemy encounter after destroying the bridge to reveal the Blue Orb Fragment. Doing so will net you the Trophy “Backyard” as well. Once the enemies are gone, jump into the broken wall and grab the Blue Orb Fragment.  Make sure you grab the second Nidhogg Hatchling here as well.


The next Blue Orb Fragment is at the end of the street to the left of the white van. You will need to use a Nidhogg Hatchling to get to it.


Mission 5 The Devil Sword Sparda (#8)

There is a Blue Orb Fragment immediately after you face Gilgamesh’s leg for the second time. After defeating it, head down and under the platform you are on (will be on the left side), and you will find it by a burning barrel.


Mission 8 Demon King (#9 & #10)

After going through the second blood stream there will be a Divinity Statue. Equip a Gerbera Devil Breaker when there, and use it to get the Blue Orb Fragment just ahead. Jump, Gerbera, Jump again and Gerbera.


Head towards a blood doorway and kill the enemy behind it before going through to reveal a Blue Orb Fragment. You will not see the Blue Orb Fragment until you defeat this enemy.


Mission 9 Genesis (#11 & #12)

After a fight, you will come to a Blue Orb Fragment that is blocked by some roots. You will need to get close and summon Nightmare to destroy them, and then you can get it. There is a Secret Mission in this same room.


At some point you will need to drop down a hole in the floor. In the same room as the hole you fell down, there is a door you can jump out on to some rocky platforms to get a Blue Orb Fragment.


Mission 10 Awaken (#13)

In the second room where you have to defeat the enemies before the jagged teeth door closes. After defeating the enemies in time, head through the teeth door, up the ramp and jump to get a Blue Orb Fragment.


Mission 11 Reason (#14)

Destroy the second Qliphoth Roots in the bottom area to reveal a Blue Orb Fragment nearby.


Mission 12 Yamato (#15)

When you will restore the second blood flow a door will open where where the blood came from. After going through this door, immediately jump up on your right to find a Blue Orb Fragment.


Mission 14 Diverging Point: V (#16)

After going into the other dimension go right, you will need to get Griffon back by defeating a boss in order to get to the Blue Orb Fragment on the right of this area. Once you have him, jump up onto the adjacent rock formation, and then use Griffon to glide over.


Mission 15 Diverging Point: Nero (#17 & #18)

Past the Divinity Statue, is an area that gives you a tutorial about the Punch Line Devil Breaker, as well as a Blue Orb Fragment. In order to get to the fragment you need to use Punch Line and take the more difficult path. You need to get your Stylish rank up in order to make it to the top (as it extends the time you can ride the Punch Line) so kill a few enemies and then ride it up. B Rank was enough to get there.


In the room that has an Ice Caster enemy on a platform and some other enemies. After defeating them there will be a Grim Grip that you can use to go up to the right to find a Blue Orb Fragment. It’s past the Firebats.


Mission 16 Diverging Point: Dante (#19)

Across the platform that breaks, make your way down and you will come to a Blue Orb Fragment. Devil Trigger in Trickster form, and jump and dash and then jump again and hold “X” to glide across to the fragment.


Mission 18 Awakening (#20)

After defeating Shadow, head up the ledges to the left (where he runs to) and defeat the 3 Red Empusa there to reveal a Blue Orb Fragment. This is the last blue orb in DMC 5.


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