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Destiny New Expansion: Rise of Iron Details

Bungie has officially revealed the newest expansion for their shared world RPG shooter, Destiny. Titled Rise of Iron, the expansion will come to PS4 and Xbox One only (sorry PS3 and Xbox 360 owners) on September 20 for a cost of 30 USD. It will require players own the base game as well as the Taken King and prior expansions.

Rise of Iron Details

Guardians must rise to the challenge to take their place as the next generation of Iron Lords. Along the way they will join forces with a legend from humanity’s Golden Age to defeat a plague of unstoppable evil once and for all.

destiny rise of iron 1

Rise of Iron will take place in an area known as the Plaguelands and will include a host of new content for dedicated and returning Guardians to explore such as:

  • A new 6 player Raid called Felwinter Peak
  • A new 3 player Strike
  • Light Level increase (unspecified but significant)
  • New Armor and Weapons
  • Brand new story to discover
  • A new social space for Guardians to mingle in
  • New Crucible mode and maps for the PvP minded
  • New enemy faction and bosses to take down, said to mutated versions of Fallen
  • More patrols and public events
  • New intro cinematics
  • New location to explore

Guess who’s back? Gjallarhorn, baby, that’s who. Players who purchase Rise of Iron will be able to obtain the storied weapon. But wait! Those players who pre-order Rise of Iron will obtain a limited edition black-and-silver version of the weapon. Players will receive a quest that enables them to build the epic rocket launcher out of the armor of fallen heroes.

destiny rise of iron gjallarhorn

It’s been a quiet Year 3 so far for Destiny, but now we have something fresh to look forward to early this fall! No doubt we will hear more about Rise of Iron’s details at E3 next week, so keep your eyes and ears peeled for the more salient details. What do you think about the new expansion? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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12 responses to “Destiny New Expansion: Rise of Iron Details”

  1. >

    Nope. It’s kicking off year 3 for destiny. So there is going to be more dlc after this pack. I doubt we are going to see destiny 2 till holiday of next year. And that’s my soonest guess.

  2. I would have anticipated an all in one release similar to the Legendary Edition they did for TTK, seeing as this will probably be the final expansion.

  3. >

    Yes. You need the taken king in order to play rise of iron and more then likely any future expansions destiny has left coming.

  4. >

    Everything I listed was mentioned in the various live interviews done during E3.

  5. Doesn’t look like it’s getting a special edition. Will this mean people have to buy this and TTK for sure?

  6. Hey man, you got a source for that? First I’ve heard for some of them things 😮

  7. additional info:
    ~plague lands will have it’s own fly in zone.
    ~You can only walk on top of the wall during the raid.
    ~The enhancements from dropping old gen should be obvious the moment you start playing ROI.
    ~You have to choose the fly in zone for the plague lands in order to see the new looking cosmodrome. Choosing the old one will still show the old russia we are seeing now.
    ~titan set we saw is the titan raid set.
    ~hunter set was trials of osiris set.
    ~warlock set was the iron lord set. Not the iron banner set.
    ~you can obtain CIVA infused weapons from the raid.
    ~New vendors in felwinters peak the new social space.
    ~A new process or ritual which lets us gain power in a new way.
    ~Ghorn quest involves us actually making one. We will make the old original looking one not the preorder looking one.
    ~plague lands might have environmental hazards.
    ~Faction sparrows and ghosts.
    ~The current infusion system we have now will go into ROI. meaning we are not leaving year 2 gear behind.
    ~4 strikes. 1 ps exclusive. 1 new for everyone. 2 revamped strikes.
    ~moments of triumph for year 2 is a thing and will be trackable in game.
    ~new crucible game mode called arsenal. Described as scavanging weapons off of the battlefield.

  8. In that case wait a while, i imagine there’ll be some sort of deal, they did it with TTK.

  9. as a PS3’r I need some advice.

    I’ve been playing since the beta and beat most of the taken king (except for the raid) then bought a PS4 last december and haven’t played since. A few days ago I picked it back up and it seems like there is some new content and they raised the light level which is cool.

    long story short, I’ve been holding off getting it for PS4 because I didn’t want to drop 40-50 bucks on a game I already beat. Figured I’d wait til destiny 2 and just get that. now the new content is coming out, but its PS4 only.

    with the taken king, they included all past content for the late joiners. do you think there will be any such deal with this one, or am I looking at 70+ (40 TTK and 30 RoI) if I want to play it.

  10. The division being such a flop, saved their butts big time. Lots flocked to the division and were back a few weeks later.

    Totally agree with you on TTK, they hit the ball out of the park with TTK but to make it last a year asked too much. took a break from it myself too, spent time on FO4, division and dark souls.

  11. >

    My honest thoughts here. Destiny came out long ago and said they were NOT releasing any DLC’s for Taken King while they focused on Destiny 2.

    After seeing how many players left due to the content draught, they re-acted and pulled content from Destiny 2 to put in Destiny. I cannot see Bungie making any content next gen only when they sold the original content (Taken King) to all platforms, unless it was already made that way. As in, Destiny 2 will be next gen only and so they content they are pulling from Destiny 2 will be next gen only.

    This might also explain why Destiny 2 is being pushed back some.

    It’s sad, really. Taken King did so many good things, but the lack of content forced so many to go on to bigger and better things. I just came back after a good 3-4 month break from the game.

  12. Most interesting thing about that DLC is no PS3\360 support, supporting 2 platforms instead of 4 must make it easier and quicker. I’ve no doubts to keep all 4 in the loop, there was things left out that could run on the next gen but not previous gen. I feel for the ps3\360 people but this could be interesting.

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