Destiny Details Age of Triumph Activities

Destiny Details Age of Triumph Activities

Today Bungie detailed some of the activities coming in Destiny’s Age of Triumph, the spring update coming at the end of March.

Many of the event’s activities center around acquiring the Treasure of Ages which allows you to earn all of the armor, emblems, emotes, masks, ships, and ornaments you may have missed over the life of the game as well as brand new items.


As for the rest of the features, here, have some bullets!

  • The event begins by talking to the Speaker to receive a new quest that sends you into the new Weekly Story playlist, which is a 380 Light level activity. Each week will feature a specific selection of missions with modifiers and you can earn legendary marks and a Treasure of the Ages to complete them.
  • Two more Treasure of Ages can be obtained for free each week–one for your first completion of the Siva Crisis Heroic playlist and one for the Weekly Crucible.
  • There will be a 380 Light level Weekly Nightfall Strike playlist availabe once every 4 weeks . Scoring is enabled and the Nightfall buff has returned. There is a new buff called Daybreak which makes enemies tougher but shortens cooldowns.
  • Challenge of the Elders is being raised to 390 Light level. Your first three completions of the week provide 10 Legendary Marks each, and you’ll still find the original on the Reef section.

Fun stuff! Age of Triumph kicks off March 28th for the PS4 and Xbox One.

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