Destiny Age of Triumph Spring Update Revealed, Changes to Raids, Record Book & More

Destiny Age of Triumph Spring Update Revealed, Changes to Raids, Record Book & More

In an hour long livestream Bungie laid out the plans for this Spring’s free update to Destiny titled Age of Triumph which is launching March 28th for PS4 and Xbox One. The update is geared towards being a nostalgic recap of everything players have experienced through their time with the game in anticipation of this fall’s Destiny 2.


Destiny Age of Triumph

The new record book will focus on activities players have engaged in over the life of the game.

  • 1 page in the book will track activities completed from the game’s launch through the Dark Below.
  • 1 page is devoted to story related achievements.
  • There will be 3 pages for Class related achievements
  • Strike page, Crucible page and a Raid page
  • A page for collections like ships and emblems
  • A Wanderer page for dead Ghosts, SIVA fragments and disturbing the remains in the old loot cave
  • An allegiance page dedicated to your faction activity
  • Trials of Osiris page devoted to achievements in that mode

Completing nodes in the book will unlock rewards and the rewards will be account wide.


All 4 raids will be at light parity and can be tackled at 390 light, making them all meaningful for loot again. Old rewards will now be coming back with a chance to drop at 400 light. There will be a featured weekly raid with new challenges an exclusive loot.


By making the old new again, Bungie hopes to bring things full circle for the game while keep meaningful activities going. Thoughts on how Destiny is finishing off the twilight of the game? We know now that characters will be carrying over to Destiny 2 albeit it in a limited capacity.

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