Destiny 2 Survival Permadeath PvP Mode Revealed With Gameplay Video

Destiny 2 Survival Permadeath PvP Mode Revealed With Gameplay Video

In a first look with IGN, Destiny 2‘s newest PvP game mode, Survival has been revealed. The reveal comes with a 7 minute gameplay video on the new map Altar of Flame:

Destiny 2 Survival PvP Mode

Survival pits guardians against each other in the Crucible, but with a finite amount of lives each team can expend. Here are the particulars of the game mode:

  • Survival pits teams of four against each other with a set number of lives.
  • Instead of fallen Guardians being revived, they instead consume a life to return to battle.
  • The team that has no lives left loses the round and whichever team wins the set number of rounds is the winner.
  • Supers carry over between rounds rather than reset each time.

The Altar of Flame map shown in the vid is a very sniper friendly location on Mercury with a heavy ammo drop located in the dead center of the map.

Survival looks like a very welcome addition to the Crucible game modes and the fact that it makes death count should make for some intense combat situations and a heavy reliance on strategy.

Thoughts on the new Survival mode? The Destiny 2 beta was extended and wraps up today if you want to get some last licks in. Destiny 2 releases September 6th for the PS4 and Xbox One and October 24th on PC.

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3 comments on “Destiny 2 Survival Permadeath PvP Mode Revealed With Gameplay Video”

  1. ckmishn says:

    This obviously some new definition of "permadeath" of which I was previously unaware, where you can continue to use the same character, and any improvements accrued in the match, immediately afterward. In the traditional definition you would be saying "bye bye" to the character, and maybe your next character would get some sort of upgrade or unlock.

  2. Avatar Emergence says:

    Lol it’s not a roguelike. People would cry bloody murder if that was the case. They used the word permadeath within the context of the game mode, of which the usage is accurate.

  3. Avatar Fexelea says:

    I was surprised to read permadeath too haha.

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