Destiny 2 Releases New Multiplayer Trailer That Shows The Crucible in Action

Destiny 2 Releases New Multiplayer Trailer That Shows The Crucible in Action

Bungie has released a new trailer for Destiny 2’s competitive multiplayer that shows the Crucible in all of its glory. Check it out below:

Destiny 2 Competitive Multiplayer Trailer

Enter the Crucible in Destiny 2 and put your skills to the test in 4v4 competitive multiplayer action. Battle for glory against the most dangerous enemy of all – other players.

The trailer shows the Crucible game modes in action, which includes Control and the new Countdown and Survival modes. You get to see the classes in action, as the Hunter, Titan and Warlock all make use of their new subclasses and supers to dominate the battlefield.

Destiny 2 is getting a beta on PC, which begins August 28th for pre-orders. Bungie recently released some details on what will be in the beta as well as restrictions related to capture and streaming.

It’s just around the corner to the September 6th release for PS4 and Xbox One. Getting hyped yet? Bungie certainly hopes you are!

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One comment on “Destiny 2 Releases New Multiplayer Trailer That Shows The Crucible in Action”

  1. Avatar Argetlam350 says:

    Crucible probably was the only thing I thought was a big improvement in the Destiny 2 beta but everything else, just felt like Destiny 1.5 rather then an actual sequel. Yes it is nice to see that it looks like we are getting an actual story with an actual antagonist but at the same time the gunplay feels like it was heavily influenced by the PvP and this was a big issue in Destiny itself where Bungie seems unable to seperate PvP and PvE weapons so either one side gets shafted over the other. It is especially noticeable in the new weapon system. People complained that there were no elemental primaries so now secondaries are elemental primaries. People complained about shotguns and snipers (depending on the meta and balancing it switched between the two) so now those are classified as power weapons, the same category as grenade launchers and rocket launchers, weapons that fit that term better while removing the heavy machine gun class.

    Then the time to kill in PvE was just horrendous, that was something that was complained about with Destiny when it first launched and certain strikes, that certain bosses and enemies were just bullet sponges. Though this I’ll give a benefit of the doubt and wait to see if everything is like that in the final product.

    We’ve seen the world map and I have to ask this: What the hell happened to the past locations? I can understand maybe the moon being removed, we’ve decimated the Hive and there is no real force to worry about there except for a Fallen House full of rejects. I can even understand why Oryx’s ship is not a place, by now the Guardians probably picked it clean of resources. But what about Venus and Mars. Ignoring the fact the reef is also missing, you know allies to the Guardian who might help with driving the Cabal out of the system, Venus is still a place covered with Vex trying to turn the planet into a machine like world like Mercury, and then Mars where the House of Wolves still tries to rebuild itself and again Vex. The universe should feel like it got bigger not smaller. Also lets not forget Saladin’s Peak, a hub that probably wouldn’t of been decimated by the Cabal but hey can’t visit that either so far.

    And I’m still someone a bit agitated that they have two DLC all ready planned both of which are main things talked about in the first game but instead of them being free content we have to pay for them now. Going by the symbols shown to represent both DLC one is Osiris and the other is Rasputin, Osiris I might give a pass on but Rasputin, this Warmind has played a major part in the game since day one and yet now it seems that if we want to know more we have to pay more then the sixty dollar price tag.

    I know it sounds like I’m being super critical and perhaps I am but it is only because I want Destiny to succeed. the lore of the universe is very interesting and I do enjoy exploring. Yet at the same time it feels as if chunks are taken from the game to pass off as DLC or just disappear into the void. Overall I’m hesitant to trust the final product.

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