Destiny 2 Players Able to Unlock Cosmetics More Easily in Season 3

Destiny 2 Players Able to Unlock Cosmetics More Easily in Season 3

Bungie aims for a better rewards system for players for upcoming Destiny 2 Season 3 which launches May 8th. Introducing a new feature called “Prismatic Matrix” players will be able to earn cosmetics by playing.

Destiny 2 Players Unlock Cosmetics More Easily in Season 3

Bungie shared in a news update via their website that Destiny 2 Season 3 will have the Prismatic Matrix added to the game allowing a way for players to earn cosmetics through playing the game rather than purchasing with in-game currency. The ability to spend money on Eververse goods is still option, but this will allows players to play to earn cosmetics as well.

Prismatic Matrix

The Prismatic Matrix will offer a 10 item rotation which will be available in the Eververse store. By unlocking one use of the Prismatic Matrix, players will earn a cosmetic with their first “well rested” level up of the week. Additional activations of the Prismatic Matrix can be added using 200 Silver.

Prismatic Matrix – Goals

  • Give players more control over how they earn Eververse items
  • Offer a more predictable path each week that guarantees access to specific items
  • Drop fewer duplicate items

Bungie assures that players shouldn’t be able to get duplicates as the Prismatic Matrix will go on the knockout list. Eververse gear can still be earned through Bright Engrams and Bright Dust purchases. Those items purchased that way will automatically knock off those items on the Prismatic Matrix available rewards.

What do you think of the Prismatic Matrix feature? Is it a welcomed addition to Season 3? Let us know in the comments below.

Destiny 2 Season 3 along with the upcoming expansion Warmind is set to launch May 8th.

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3 comments on “Destiny 2 Players Able to Unlock Cosmetics More Easily in Season 3”

  1. Avatar Lich180 says:

    I honestly didn’t even know it’s “Season 3” it whatever it is. I barely see any news about Destiny 2 anymore, except to bash Bungie.

  2. Avatar elnawawi says:

    They didn’t announce drop rates for items? There’s no way they all are the same, so even with “No duplicate” you might end up in need of 10 weeks to just get the item you want. Even more if this rotation is designed in specific way.

    It’s still aimed to make you pay with your real money to avoid frustration. And it’s still a form of gambling.

    This shouldn’t be tolerated by any mean. Even Star Wars Battlefront 2 resorted to a more honest monetization scheme in the end, while Bungie never learning their lessons. Good thing the game is going down already, and fast.

  3. Avatar Lich180 says:

    I dunno. I think they’ve already done enough damage to Destiny and their reputation that anything they do won’t be enough to draw their old crowd back.

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