Destiny 2 Plans for Exotic Weapon Upgrades

Destiny 2 Plans for Exotic Weapon Upgrades

With the upcoming Destiny 2: Warmind expansion releasing May 8th, there is news that Bungie is adding the ability to upgrade every exotic weapon in the game.

Destiny 2 Plans for Exotic Weapon Upgrades

Bungie has set to improve exotic weapons in the next Destiny 2 expansion Warmind and outlined what’s to come in a recent post on Bungie’s official website. Just like the legendary weapons and armor recently, exotic weapons will get it’s own Masterwork version, this will be through “catalyst“. Players will need to find an “Exotic Master Work Catalyst” in order to begin working on the Masterwork process. They also share that not all Exotic Masterworks will have the same drop rates, some will be a guaranteed outcome from certain interactions while others will have random drops.

Usually with Masterwork version weapons have bonus stats or perks but Bungie have not gone into further detail about what these might be for exotic weapons.

Each weapon has it’s own unique Masterwork catalyst and its unknown to other players. Once you obtain the catalyst by drop or completed the required activity, you can apply it to the exotic weapon and gain a direct objective for the upgrade. The weapon will then function just like a legendary Masterwork, it will count kills and grant orbs of light on multikills. The upgrade quests are more specific as it will take killing a certain number of enemies with the weapon in order to complete the quest.

As the expansion rolls out not all exotic weapons will have the catalyst available right away but players can check if the exotic weapon has one by inspecting it. Those with the catalyst slot will have an exotic Masterwork upgrade available.

Exotic Masterwork weapons will launch with the release of Destiny 2: Warmind and Destiny 2 season three on May 8.

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