Destiny 2 Gameplay Livestream Reveal

Bungie has revealed at long last, official gameplay of Destiny 2, via livestream. Check it out below and read on for a recap:

What follows will be a running recap of everything they have revealed for the upcoming sequel to their blockbuster shared world FPS/RPG. Be mindful of story spoilers.

  • Destiny 2 will be available on PC!
  • PvP will be 4v4 for smaller team formats to create a sense of mastery
  • New public events, strikes, and raids, naturally.
  • Raids, trials and nightfalls will be available to all players, not just those with fireteams
  • Some new cinematics shed some light on the game’s backstory, complete with cinematic opening Homecoming mission gameplay alongside the game’s NPCs. The invasion force of the Cabal attack the Tower and the player fights alongside the Vanguard.
  • We get our first look at an elite in action as the Cabal ship is boarded.
  • The Cabal Red Legion led by Ghaul is successful and leaves the forces of the Last City struggling to reclaim what they’ve lost. His goal is to be chosen by the Traveler and use the powers it bestows.
  • All Guardians start with their light taken away by damage done during the invasion.
  • The 3 familiar classes of Hunter, Warlock and Titan return
  • The campaign has more cinematics and story missions with NPCs and dialogue.
  • New weapons, armor and exotics. Kinetic weapon, energy weapon and power weapons are the slots. You can put weapons of the same type in each slot.
  • New subclasses: Dawnblade, a flaming sword that shoots fire, Sentinel that summons a shield that you can use Captain America style, and Arcstrider, an athletic polearm type power.
  • New Strike: Inverted Spire
  • New Crucible Hud has more info about other players, to make it easier to get into. It will have new maps and modes.
  • Countdown is one of the new modes available.
  • Brand new raid of course, lots of woos from the crowd from that (as if there wouldn’t be a new raid?)
  • You will be able to launch all the world activities without going into orbit (thank the Traveler)
  • There will be new objectives like treasure maps to follow, lost sites to discover. NPCs will send you on side mission Adventures and mark your map with Lost Sectors to find a treasure guarded by a boss.
  • There will be a new map to guide you that you can sort and choose from and will be marked on your map with time and location of events.
  • Nessus, Titan, Earth, Io are the 4 brand new worlds.
  • European Dead Zone is the new refuge of humanity.
  • Nessus is a Vex infested machine world.
  • Io is the place the Traveler had last appeared before the events of the franchise.
  • Clans are being supported in Destiny 2. In game rosers, tools to create fireteams and the ability to make custom banners. Reward system will be built in and any contribution will contribute to rewards.
  • Guided Games connects clans and solo players for a session of strikes or a raid. This is an alternative to solo matchmaking which will connect solo players to an active clan. You can open up parties if a player drops out to find a new player looking for a team. After a session is done you can go your separate ways, or see about joining up with the clan.
  • The focus seems to be on removing barriers to gameplay and encouraging solo, casual, dedicated and coop orientations and allow everyone to experience all of the content
  • Release date is September 8th, 2017, with a beta coming this summer.
  • The PC version will be available exclusively through Blizzard’s (that twist!) and will be releasing later than the console versions. No word on their exact date.

Check out the official gameplay reveal launch trailer:

Thoughts on the reveal? Be sure to keep checking back with us for much more!

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3 comments on “Destiny 2 Gameplay Livestream Reveal”

  1. Avatar PrimeraEspada91 says:

    dont know anything bout destiny but people i interact with are hype for it. given the release date and the lack of games being the slated for that time period, this game has high potential of being a hit. will refrain from bashing til i play beta.

  2. Avatar EldritchImagination says:

    Wait, they’re releasing Destiny 2 on PC via Battlenet? Well, as I recall, Activision and Blizzard are a part of the same corporation, so that actually makes sense. I wonder if we’re starting to see a PC divide for storefronts, with a lot of the big publishers separating from steam.

  3. Avatar Tr0n_pl says:

    Ok is it only me or did i saw the traveler pieces in european dead zone?

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