Demon’s Souls: Three Years Later (Part 15)

Demon’s Souls: Three Years Later (Part 15)

Last updated on August 7th, 2015

Our gallant lad, in (Dark) Silver Clad; approaches the King.

Before the last, foes must be passed; something something [insert word rhyming with “King.”  How about “string?”].


Anway, I worked on extending the murder spree through Boletaria last chapter and our newly dubbed “Skarl Krowland” looks to keep that trend alive.   Heroism!

Chapter 16

The Grudge

Last night(1) I got my chance to settle the score with the rest of the Black Phantoms.  Formerly the stuff of nightmares, Selen Vinland had me feeling a little better about things.  Maybe I could pull off three phantoms in one night.   Anyway, this is the same format as last time, only the faces have changed.  I should add that all names used have been changed to protect the identity of the victims.  Also, you’ll see “proof” of my victories below in a photography style I like to call “UFO sighting.”  Basically, there will be really grainy, crappy pictures of something that may or may not be what I say it is.  For the record I’m claiming they’re the souls of my victims waiting for collection as final trophies of my triumphs (2).  These three pains in my rear deserved a special memorial.  I think the shoddy photos below are sufficient tribute.  Unless those objects are actually weather balloons or lens flares.

Stop rolling around already!

Number of attempts: 3
Equipment variations: None.  Bastard sword, mostly Dark Silver armor, wooden catalyst
Magic: Light Weapon

My first attempt went about as I expected.  Recon primarily.  I actually didn’t do too badly.  I got caught with a combo and hadn’t managed my stamina properly.  He used to be much faster than I remember.  I was probably fat rolling to be honest.  I know I fought him head to head and won before and these results aren’t too bad.  Definitely feeling good here.  On a side note, when I was suiciding to get Pure Black World Tendency I nailed the falling into the water glitch(3) from the Adjudicator stone the first time.  I tried to replicate it a few times to get recorded but failed every other time.

Second attempt, what can I say?  I think I had him but didn’t realize that his recovery after that reaaaaaally long thrusting animation isn’t the same as it is if I did it.  So essentially he broke my guard with the big time stab and somehow got a second in before I could recover.  Jerk.

Third time’s the charm.  Knowing I shouldn’t eat the stab and managing my stamina better….

And this fight wasn’t all that bad honestly.  My Bastard Sword hits plenty hard (though not as hard as his sword does).  I’m fast enough to avoid his telegraphed attacks.  My shield will block the faster ones.  He only has one option of not getting hit and stunned which is dodging.  I would have felt bad for the guy once he started panic dodging but I just kinda hate him.  So instead of guilt, I smile a little seeing the little orb that indicates his last know whereabouts.

Satsuki's soul or lens flare?

Mwah ha ha haaa!



Fireballs in a small room? Come on!

Number of attempts: 3 (4 if you count the one time I fell to my death)
Equipment changes: I swapped in fluted gloves for the Dark Silver for the 1 fire defense.  Dark Silver Shield was removed to make room for the Purple Flame Shield.
Magic used: Light Weapon

First attempt…does Scirvir do ANYTHING that doesn’t hit like a tank?  Holy Crap.  How does that little spike he calls a weapon hit like that?  Anyway, I’m doing pretty good.  The big fireball is telegraphed well.  I did take one on the shield which hurt but survivable.  The little fireballs are only a threat if you’re not blocking and even then you’ll live.  His physical attacks are crazy hard.  This dude is good at everything. Except blocking.  Despite eating a hit here and there I’m doing a good job whittling him down.  Then he hits me with a burst of melee range flame.  And I’m dead.  Just like that. Done.

Second attempt is the “maybe I’m really good at dodging that now” attempt.  Similar results to the first attempt.  I’m doing well and an errant use of a Zippo(4) lighter in his hand sends me packing.

Third attempt becomes the “let’s stop the fire and worry about everything else later” attempt.  I swap out my gloves and my shield and head back down.  This time I’m managing my stamina well again.  I can land combos while leaving enough for a quick skedaddle if necessary.  Before I know it he’s trying to heal.  I was in skedaddle mode anticipating the next burst of flame but I still manage to run in and ruin any chance he might have thought he had.  So then, did the Purple Flame Shield actually help me?  Who knows.  I never got to block a fire attack with it besides the little one and that’s hard to judge if it was different.

Confession time…I don’t think I ever beat Black Phantom Scirvir straight up before.  He’s so easy to kill with a bow I just got in the habit of that.

Keh heh heh heh



Toxic Relationship

Number of attempts: 2
Equipment changes: Back into my Dark Silver getup.  Penetrating Sword makes one hell of a triumphant return here
Magic: Light weapon

First attempt- I went into this fight feeling defeated already.  While I can’t recall having beat Scirvir head to head before I at least know I had tried and didn’t feel completely helpless.  Rydell just offers dread.  I tried to fight him before.  I really did.  I even lured him very far toward the level’s beginning.  Basically I spent the entire time backpedaling and trying not to die.  He just outclassed me every time(5).  And he doesn’t allow healing generally.  You have to get lucky or back yourself into a cell to buy a few seconds. A few seconds to heal but which will ultimately get you trapped.  So yeah, I knew Rydell was gonna be last.  I felt that, if anything were to make me write a “give up” chapter it would be this fight.  Instead, it’s Doran because I simply don’t care.

With all this dread I have to admit I was looking forward to the fight too.  I used to use the Shrine skellies to prove my mettle.  Now they’re a joke and Rydell is my test.

We met near the corner of the walkway. I sprinted in some to allow for a lot of backpedaling.  Immediately he’s aggressive.  His attacks are telegraphed but they’re nonstop.  I question his defensive ability but he’s honestly pretty decent AI. So while with some Phantoms (Selen, Scirvir) I felt comfortable with combos to stun them, I’m not so sure it’s wise with Rydell.  I start blocking.  I admit I forgot the stats and characteristics on his weapon. I was hoping it was something my shield could handle.  Clearly…it is.  Even better, he does recoil quickly after hitting the shield.  I start to win the fight.  I’m stunning him more and more.  He does a spin attack that I was not able to interrupt with my bastard sword.  It hurts.  Bad.  He’s not letting me heal.  I try to get him to back off and he lands the hit instead.  Round 1 is over.

I noticed something though and want to make an adjustment.  I go back to the Penetrating Sword.  I saw that I often hit a wall with the Bastard Sword’s wide swings and missed some attacks.  Not wanting to leave any damage on the table to feel bad about, I plan to rely on the glorious stab next time.

Second attempt- Turns out my observation was correct.  I missed exactly zero times with the Penetrating Sword.  The walls weren’t a factor.  For me.  Still though, he wants to fight.  He hits me with light attacks a couple times. At this point we’re near the door leading back to the stairs.  I lure him into the semi open and then roll past him to get back to the walkway.  He dodges into a cell inexplicably and I take the time to heal.  The fight continues and I’m winning and doing my best not to feel too excited.  He takes a swing and HIS weapon hits the wall.  I lunge in and Rydell is no more.

I check the stats on his weapon and breathe a sigh of relief that I brought the right shield.

Giggle giggle



My goal is clear.  The end is in sight.  I might make a pit stop along the way but the only thing between me and eternal glory (even though I’ve done this before) is The False King.   Get ready Allant…I’m coming for you. 

(1) Not even remotely accurate now.  Last night is code for “months ago”

(2) Yeah that means I won all the fights.  I would just stop reading now in protest of what a terrible writer I am by giving away such a major plot device like that

(3)  There’s one teeny tiny piece of air space that doesn’t have a “kill zone” programmed in.  When spawning at the Adjudicator Archstone, run out to the balcony area and roll of on the left hand side near the corner.  Anyway, if you land it perfectly you can fall into…and then through….the water.  Fun!

(4) I’ve heard that sometimes, when he’s alone, Scirvir will flick his Bic

(5)  All this isn’t to say I never killed him before.  Along with archery, poison clouds are my friend.  Assassination:  FTW!

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