Demon’s Souls Remaster Possible Tease!?

Demon’s Souls Remaster Possible Tease!?

A FromSoftware representative may have just given us a glimpse, or rather hope, of an upcoming Demon’s Souls  remaster.

Demon’s Souls – Remaster Please!!

This came about from the Tweet below. And when translated to English via Twitter,  it reads: “Booretaria crowded.”, or “Boletaria  crowded”.

Though along with its images seen below, it all probably refers to the now packed online play for the game. With players putting in as many invasions, summons, Monk’s Head Collar drops and the like, prior to its unfortunate shuttering, coming early next year.

But depending on how you spin this, you could say it’s all just that. Or that it’s a very mean reminder of an inevitable closure. Or perhaps its FromSoftware hinting at a Demon’s Souls  remaster, in that they wouldn’t want to disappoint the fanbase which their game has created. Especially after seeing such dedication on its multiplayer portion.

Or it could be that it’s all in our heads.

What do you think? Is this a sort of tease from the studio or something else? Share your thoughts down below.

Demon’s Souls  is now available exclusively for the PlayStation 3.

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One comment on “Demon’s Souls Remaster Possible Tease!?”

  1. Avatar TSMP says:

    I’m pretty sure they’re just commenting on the sudden activity spike…

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