Demon’s Souls Has A Secret Locked Door

Demon’s Souls Has A Secret Locked Door

Players are trying to unlock a mysterious locked door in Demon’s Souls.

Demon’s Souls Has A Secret Locked Door

The Demon’s Souls Remake came with a number changes and additions to the game, but one addition which was not announced seems to be a secret door that players cannot seem to unlock. A twitter poster and souls Youtube content creator Vaati Vidya has shared footage of the enigmatic door, but no solution to unlocking has been found as of yet.

According to Twitter user João Marcos Teixeira, this isn’t the first time Bluepoint has included something strange, as this something they did with Shadow of the Colossus, adding an Easter egg that players thought was in the original. However add intersecting points in Colossus turned out not to be part of the original. By that it could mean this door is something not part of the original game, and entirely new.

But if you thought that’s it for the door, you don’t know how persistent fans are, through some clever use of the photo mode, more is revealed. Reddit user Cosmic-Vagabond discovered that if you hug the door, you can angle your camera through the door, then activate photo mode to peer in, and you will see a terrace. Turns out this terrace can also be seen by standing just before the bridge to Yuria’s tower, by using photo mode to look upwards to the same terrace, and you see a strange glowing item.

Screenshot by reddit user Cosmic-Vagabond

What does this strange object do? And will players be able to solve the mystery of how to access this area? Players seem to be rather dedicated, so maybe more clues will be unveiled. Vagabond goes into detail about the different attempts to open the door, including equipping “the full Official Imperial Spy, and Ancient King sets plus 3 out 4 pieces of the Blue Eye Knight set,” which unfortunately was not the key. Other attempts include stealthily approaching the door, to trying to sprint to the door while the area loads.

What’s the behind the door could be further content which has yet to be released, maybe a DLC? Whatever it is, it has definitely ignited a lot of questions, but for now it will remain a mystery.

While it isn’t complete clear, it looks like a lone statue/body lying down on a bench clutching a glowing object. A stone? A wand? How mysterious…

Recently FromSoftware announced that the Demon’s Souls soundtrack would be released on November 26th. The re-recorded version was made with a 75 piece orchestra and 40 person choir.

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