Demon Knights of Ankhoron Action-RPG Gets Funded on Kickstarter

Demon Knights of Ankhoron Action-RPG Gets Funded on Kickstarter

The action-RPG Demon Knights of Ankhoron reaches Kickstarter goal.

Demon Knights of Ankhoron Action-RPG Gets Funded on Kickstarter

With only a week left action-RPG Demon Knights of Ankhoron have surpassed their original goal of $44,664 USD with 154 backers. The dark fantasy title is being developed by Archon Forge Games who set to combine the 2D fight mechanics to a 3D open world experience, with a dark and gothic aesthetic.

The Kickstarter which launched at the end of last month, has gone over their goal already by about $5000 and meets first first stretch goal to add basic co-op mode and online PVP. The next stretch goal sets to an add additional playable monster class called the Spider Crab, as well as more armor, weapons, item choices and NPCs.

The game will have four classes to choose from, Heavy Knights, Deadly Hunter, Arcane Blademaster, Elemental Barbarian and Dark Druids. There will be rich exploration with 20 cities to discover, 2 continents to explore and plenty of NPCs to meet.

If you’re considering backing there is still about a week left until the Kickstarter project is over.

Demon Knights of Ankhoron doesn’t currently have a set platform to release first, but the developer has listed PC, Xbox One, Playstation 4 and Nintendo Switch. There is also a poll on their website with Playstation currently taking the lead as preferred choice of platform.

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