Demon Gaze 2 Dungeon-Crawler RPG Out Now!

Demon Gaze 2 Dungeon-Crawler RPG Out Now!

The latest Demon Gaze 2  dungeon-crawler RPG is finally out today on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita for both European and North American regions.

Demon Gaze 2 – Available Now!

The game was developed by Kadokawa Games, the studio behind the God Wars: Future Past  tactical-RPG released earlier this year, in conjuction with Experience Inc.. Kadokawa Games will also be heading the development for the upcoming Metal Max Xeno  turn-based RPG.


Blessed by the sun and sea, One nation enjoys complete harmony – Asteria. Behind the facade of peace, exploitation of the people was rampant, and from their pain, the demons were born. Seeking to unmask the evil and create a revolution, one group of new Demon Gazers stood tall… they were known as the Revolutionist Party.

Demon Gaze 2  is the sequel to the 2014 PS Vita exclusive, Demon Gaze.  And in celebration of the launch, the game’s publisher, NIS America, has released a launch trailer to Demon Gaze 2  that you can check out down below:

Demon Gaze 2  is out now on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita for North America and Europe.

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