Deltarune to Release Next 3 Chapters Together

Deltarune to Release Next 3 Chapters Together

The quirky RPG Deltarune will not only be getting its next chapter but the next three all at once.

Deltarune to Release Next 3 Chapters Together

Deltarune was released a single chapter back in 2018 and got Chapter 2 on September 17th. But it looks like the next chapter will not be released alone as creator Toby Fox shares the next three chapters will be releasing together.

Fox shared “The world has been really tough for everybody recently. So I decided to release DELTARUNE Chapter 2 for free”. The game is expected to have seven chapters in total which was revealed on the Deltarune website at the time it was launched.

Chapter 2 was released for free by support other indie developers. So far there is no set price for the next Deltarune chapters but shares “it will not cost more than Undertale”.

Currently, both chapters are available for free on Steam so you can check out the game for yourself. The title is done in a pixel art graphic style which is inspired by bullet-dodging titles such as Touhou and Chrono Trigger. The story is linear with endearing characters and dark humour.

Deltarune Chapter 1 & Chapter 2 is now available on PC and Mac.

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