Deep Down Action-RPG Still Has Hope

Deep Down Action-RPG Still Has Hope

Last updated on November 8th, 2019

While Capcom isn’t working on the action-RPG, developer Yoshinori Ono shares there’s still hope.

Deep Down Action-RPG Still Has Hope

Yoshinori Ono is a prominent figure at Capcom, who started out as a developer and became the producer of Street Fighter IV as well as reviving the series. He was asked by Eurogamer recently what is happening with the action-RPG Deep Down. Deep Down was announced back in February 2013 and has since received little news. Yoshinori Ono explained:

The original team is clearly no longer together at this point, but people might have noticed that we’ve kept the trademark registered, and it’s not been completely given up on.

While this is not great news, they have kept for the trademark for Deep Down meaning they may have plans in future for this title:

Every year we examine titles we’re doing in future, and we bring up projects to approve and move forward. There’s not much I can say about it, but if you’ve noticed we’ve kept the trademark it means we haven’t given up on the title completely.

With a spark of hope still alive, it looks like Capcom are concentrating on other IP’s. This also means that Deep Down most likely won’t be arriving on PS4 with these current statements as the next generation console Playstation 5 will be arriving next year.

You can check out the last teaser trailer that was released for Deep Down:

If you want to read more about Deep Down you can visit our wiki.

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