Deck Building in The Elder Scrolls Legends

Deck Building in The Elder Scrolls Legends

Constructing decks in a competitive card game is often about identifying the archetypes of the game’s decks, or in other words the core play styles. Terms like control, aggro, midrange and combo get thrown around a lot in competitive circles. The Elder Scrolls Legends sticks to these conventions and has shared some insights into how their cards fit into those 4 categories.

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Aggro decks mean aggressive. These decks are the fast hitting decks that contain small and cheap costing creatures that can be pumped out. The goal with an aggro deck is to finish a match early, and overwhelm the opponent with sheer numbers as soon as possible. In the game, Charge is a particularly complimentary ability to this style of play, as it allows players to inflict quick damage before their opponent can react. Being able to deal damage, while forcing your opponent to get rid of your creatures quickly makes a match a one sided affair.

Control decks, as their name implies, are slower decks that aim to control the flow of combat. They focus on drawing more cards to your hand, which gives you much more options and therefore a potential advantage. Control decks also are tuned to deal with several opposing creatures, making them a natural counterpart to aggro decks. As their approach is slower and more manipulative, preserving health is vital, so cards with the Guard ability are useful to protect you while you pull the strings of the match.

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Midrange decks are a blend of aggro and control. They are designed to play the best possible card at every magicka cost. They are usually tuned to draw lots of cards, giving players a lot of options. Because of these qualities, these are typically the most common decks players pick because of their flexibility. Think of this deck as the Jack of all trades, master of none.

Combo decks are the most involved to build and play. In a combo deck you can design a 2 or 3 card combination that can deliver immediate victory depending on the situation. Other times a combo deck can be constructed around a single concept or card. Either way, the goal is to typically create a situation where the game can be won in a matter of moments. There is definite risk and reward at play with these decks.

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Races in the Elder Scrolls Legends add an extra layer to these deck building concepts as they feature their own synergies. Cards belonging to the same race often behave similarly and compliment each other in play. Stacking these cards in a deck that matches 1 of the 4 styles can result in a very fine tuned deck that also features a unifying theme. Given the amount of players familiar with games like Skyrim and The Elder Scrolls Online, being able to play a deck built around their favorite races and creatures from the universe should make for a strong attachment to their decks.

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The Elder Scrolls Legends looks like a deeper experience the more we learn about it. The PC open beta for the game is right around the corner. We’ll keep bringing you updates and looks as we approach its release sometime this year. What kind of deck will you be putting together? Let us know in the comments!

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