Decay of Logos Developer Holds Reddit AMA

Decay of Logos Developer Holds Reddit AMA

Developer of Decay of Logos Amplify Creations recently announced the release of their action-RPG would be at the end of August. They also held a Reddit AMA, letting the community ask them questions about the upcoming game.

Decay of Logos Developer Holds Reddit AMA

Reddit users got to ask the developer some questions about the ARPG Decay of Logos. From this we got to learn a few further details including influences, its likeness to souls titles as well as length of a playthrough. Game designer and Programmer of Decay of Logos Andrรฉ Constantino fielded questions from the community.

According to the AMA, Decay of Logos will take between 10 to 12 hours to complete, provided exploration is kept to a minimum. The game is semi-open world, meaning paths are pretty much set, but you do have the option to return to different parts or dungeons as you wish:

Hi! It depends on the play style of each on of us. But between 10-12h on a typical, no extensive nor exploration playthrough.
We called it semi-open world, so you have specific paths to walk, and dungeons to explore, but you can go back and forth through the world.

There will also be armour set bonuses in-game. Weapons will have certain movesets depending on weapon class. Armor and Weapons will degrade over time but simply visiting a blacksmith can help to regain durability.

One interesting question asked was the comparison between the gameplay with souls titles and whether there are difficulty options. Constantino explains that Decay of Logos “is more accessible” compared to souls game, and that difficulty will vary:

There aren’t difficult options. If you aren’t familiar with souls games, this one is more accessible. Maybe in the beginning you can feel that is a bit difficult but later one is more “easy”.

Also puzzles will play a role in leveling certain stats, the leveling system is automatic, players will come across puzzles to solve which can help increase intelligence or magic power. While not all puzzles are mandatory, some will be unskippable.

Another title that Decay of Logos has been compared to is The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, with it’s overall look and open-world features. However, Constantino explains that Decay has a more of a souls “mood and feel” to it.

If you were wondering why an elk was chosen as the companion for Decay of Logos, wonder no more, the influence came from Princess Mononoke. But your companion doesn’t simply serve as mount but a secondary inventory, can help you solve puzzles and you can pet it.

You can check out the full AMA over on Reddit.

Decay of Logos releases first on Playstation 4 on August 27th, then on the Nintendo Switch on August 29th. Xbox One, Steam and Utomik will launch on August 30th. The game will be available for $19.99 according to the AMA.

If you want to know more about Decay of Logos you can check out our Decay of Logo Preview. You can also drop by out Decay of Logos wiki for all the latest info.


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