Death Stranding Shows More Footage at ONL Gamescom 2019

Death Stranding Shows More Footage at ONL Gamescom 2019

If you’d hope viewing more footage from upcoming adventure title Death Stranding would make more sense, think again. Hideo Kojima shares more gameplay and introduces more characters.

Death Stranding Shows More Footage at ONL Gamescom 2019

New footage from upcoming title Death Stranding was unveiled as a World Premiere during Gamescom 2019: Opening Night Live with producer Hideo Kojima presenting the clip. The scene shown was just as strange as previously shown scenes, if not more so. This time includes an invisible (maybe ghost?) baby with it’s mother.

Showing why the character “Mama” cannot leave, as she still holds a connection with her daughter with an umbilical cord. Kojima explains that each character has their own sub-story, and this is the narrative for the character Mama played by Margaret Qualley. Mama’s baby is born but on the “other side”, not in the same world as her mother.

You can check out the Mama Trailer below:

The second clip shown entitled “Deadman” shows Guillermo del Toro’s character who explains why main character Sam’s BB is dying and the role it plays in detecting BTs, the invisible creatures that seem to roam the earth. This cinematic explains a little more as to why Sam played by Norman Reedus, has the BB and where it comes from. But to say the least, it’s still a rather strange explanation, and raises a lot more questions which may only be answered by playing Death Stranding. Or maybe fans will be left to spin their own theories.

You can check out the Deadman clip below:

We also got to see some further gameplay footage and learn more from Kojima about some interesting uh…mechanics? In Death Stranding you can even use urine as “a weapon”. Gameplay footage also shows Sam comforting his BB when it is stressed after taking a tumble.

Probably one of the most surprising reveals after some rather strange ones, was Geoff Keighley appearing as a character in-game. While it won’t sound like Keighley, he will appear in Death Stranding as character.

You can check out gameplay footage here:

So in summary, we got invisible baby, more info about BBs, urine weapons and Geoff Keighley in game. Something tells me, things are just going get weirder here on out.

Death Stranding will release exclusively on Playstation 4 on November 8th.

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