Death End Re;Quest Starter Guide & Tips

Death End Re;Quest Starter Guide & Tips

In this Death End Re;Quest Starter Guide & Tips, I’ll be going over the various mechanics of this game. Death End Re;Quest is a unique RPG game that merges the typical JRPG  genre but allows players to convert it into a fighting game, shooter, or even a slot game.

Death End Re;Quest Starter Guide & Tips

Death End Re;Quest is a quirky JRPG that mixes things up with merging a number of genres under one title. Players can switch between game modes including fighter, shooter and even slot mode. There are other subtle quirks that the game possesses that will seem simple to execute at first, but are difficult to master. In this guide I will explore some helpful notes and tips that can help you in in this fantasy meets reality RPG.

An RPG that brings a lot to the table, read this guide to get some helpful info on helping Shina escape the digital world.


There are 3 levels of difficulty for Death End: reQuest including Easy, Normal, and Hard. The game states that “higher difficulty means tougher foes, and less EXP and funds gained from battle” but with some testing I found some useful info that will come in handy:

  • By playing on Easy: 748 exp, 50 eni funds, 50 bug fix bonus.
  • By playing on Normal: 498 exp, 32 eni funds, 32 bug fix bonus.
  • By playing on Hard: 249 exp, 14 eni funds, 14 eni bug fix bonus.

I also noticed the frequency of counter attacks done by enemies are quite often on hard. This is something players who wish to tackle Hard Mode should be mindful of. In addition, playing on Normal or Hard will buff enemies HP pools by 5 and SP by 2.

Now, which difficulty is best for you? Well, after playing on all difficulty settings, I believe everyone should be on Hard. Easy is almost obnoxiously easy, allowing players to effortlessly 1 shot enemies due to low HP pools, and critical attacks creating little challenge at all. Players who are more new to gaming, should be quite comfortable on that setting. Normal is where most people will start their playthrough but why stop there? Playing on hard isn’t that big of a leap than normal mode, and will really put you in the proper atmosphere of death hanging around every corner, giving a truly immersive experience.


Whenever players enter a fight, a ring will form and that will be the battlefield. Inside that ring players and the enemies can roam around positioning themselves in advantageous locales, to gain the upper hand. The character with the highest speed will go first. Players have the following actions:

  • Command (Triact)
    • Allows for 3 actions in 1 turn.
  • Action
    • Repeats last turn Command
  • Search
    • Analyzes monsters and field bugs
  • Change
    • Switch party members

At the start of each character’s turn, they are able to move about freely on the field, so you can choose to perform combos with your character, or attack from outside the enemy’s range to keep units safe. It is always best to use the Triact in order to perform 3 actions during one character’s turn. Basic combos will consist of triple attacks, dealing a higher level of damage, then use a knockback to finish. Selecting 3 guards will improve the effectiveness of it allowing characters to withstand strong attacks. Other actions that can be used are:

  • Attack
  • Guard
  • Item
  • Magic
  • Glitch Ability (if in Glitch Mode)


When players select their attacks, they will get an indicator of range whether in a straight line or in an arc. This helps players move around with the analog stick while precise aiming will be done with the dpad (directional buttons).

Red, Green, Blue Lines denotes range while Yellow line denotes knockback path

Utilize the Knockback feature

Select actions like the triple attack can trigger a “knockback” that sends enemies  flying across the field! Use knockbacks to fling enemies into other enemies in the battle, walls, and even to your own team members! Team members will hit them with a “knock blow” which will deal additional damage. Knockbacks eliminate the “field bugs” (colored areas) that will injure party members but heal their SP. Sending enemy monsters flying into each other, inflicts damage to both, and they will even receive damage from the walls. Learning to master this tactic will be invaluable on Hard Mode.

Field Bug Example

Type It Out!

All monsters and heroines have a “type” or attribute. Their attribute will be stronger against certain kinds, while weak to against another. It’s a simple rock, paper, scissors system involving moon, star, and sun.

Follow this chart to see which types counter or are weak against others.

Learn New Techniques! Master Flash Drive

The Flash Drive system allows players a % chance to learn a higher level skill by performing the proper combinations in the Triact for example: Rokudein, Rokudein, then pressing [x]. It’s best to learn these spells early on to continue learning more powerful skills. Starting early allows players to level up often in the beginning, replenishing their SP. Players can also farm enemies near camps to have a fail-safe in case things get out of hand.

Explore All Areas

Treasure chests won’t show up on the map giving off the illusion of an empty map! Don’t be fooled, properly explore and collect all chests you see. There are also blue items that are randomly placed throughout areas and will respawn. They can be sold but the game hints to save them…

Experience Every Interaction No Matter the Cost

Players will meet their demise often, and with death comes with its own rewards as well as lessons. By exploring everything, experimenting by seeing how going down one path will affect the game is a tempting yet rewarding experience, even if it ends up in tragedy. Players are encouraged to venture all paths and options despite their apparent cost. Bring up the Episode chart to re-check already seen episodes and obtain the respective reward for unlocking it often.

Observed Episodes

Play to Your Strengths!

Each heroine has their own strengths and weaknesses in battle. By combining each heroine to cover another’s weaknesses, it will lead to an overall stronger team. Example: Converting Shina to main attacker and entering Glitch Mode often while Lily keeps her distance providing heals for Shina.

When in Doubt, Glitch It Out

Glitch Mode grants the character a massive stat boost as well as grant players access their specific Glitch Mode final attack for free. This can allow players to turn the tides of battle if they are cornered. Corruption levels will increase if a team member is attacked by an enemy, or if they walk over a bug tile.

Summon Entoma Queens

Once players have completed Chapter 1 by defeating the boss, they will obtain access to Summon through Arata’s Code Jack ability. Each Entoma Queen has a very powerful range of stats, allowing them to soak up damage, protecting your team members as well as being a powerful DPS source. The drawback with Queens are that with each action they use, they will cause more field bugs to spawn in the battle field. Use them a wisely and be wary of the additional field bugs.

If you enjoyed our guide be sure to find out what we thought of the game in our Death End Re;Quest Review. You can also check out a further guide with our Death End Re;Quest Trophy Guide and learn how to platinum this game! Be sure to lookout for more Death End Re;Quest content!


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