Death End Re;Quest Prologue & Chapter 1 Guide

Death End Re;Quest Prologue & Chapter 1 Guide

Last updated on February 18th, 2019

In this Death End Re;Quest Prologue & Chapter 1 Guide, I’ll be going over the path to clear the tutorial area and the first area of the game. Death End Re;Quest is a unique RPG game that merges the typical JRPG and allows players to convert it into a fighting game, shooter, or even a slot game. There are other subtle quirks that the game possesses that will be simple to execute but difficult to master.

Death End Re;Quest Prologue & Chapter 1 Guide

In this guide I will be aiding players through the first few stages of the JRPG Death End Re;Quest. To begin the game, you will need to complete the prologue which introduces players with some key features at The House of Beginning, followed by a few fights against some unfriendly inhabitants of the Northern Heartis Wilds and Heartis Palace. There will be plenty of loot to pick up and I will point out where you find them. Chapter 1 introduces camping, shop wares, more enemies before heading to the first boss of the game Skala.


The House of Beginning

Collect the white key near the desk which is located on the side of the bookcase, then go around to find the white key near the bed. There will be another white key not too far from  the table and chairs, as well as what appears to be a save point.

Once outside make a right to open the chest next to the bench, proceed to pick up 3 Patch 1.0 items. There will be another chest (containing 1 Red Fruit) toward the left, near some tree stumps. A further chest (containing 1 Elf Tonic) is tucked behind the water well. Before crossing the bridge, pick up the 1 Elf Tonic and 1 Patch 1.0 inside 2 more chests located on the left side of the map.

In this next section there will be 3 chests to be obtained. 2 will be on the right wall and 1 overlooking the sea on the left side. Once all chests are looted, leave the area using the prompt. Players will receive 1 Dew Drop, 1 Elf Tonic, and 500 Eni.

Northern Heartis Wilds

Avoid touching the flag and head to the left to pick up the Beast Clan Scarf. This area introduces the battle mechanics to the player. See my Death End Re;Quest Starter Guide & Tips for a more in-depth look into combat.

Monsters’ stats on Easy:
  • Treyos 32 Hp, 5 SP, Sun Type (163 hp 10 sp)
  • Biarant 205 Hp 12 SP Stars Type
  • Gyupo 44 HP 10 SP Sun Type

Heartis Palace

Head inside the second room on the left-hand side and open the chest tucked in the left corner; this chest can be easily missed but lookout for it as it will contain 1 Ring Fragment. In the main foyer, descend the stairs, head left and enter the room to find another chest containing 3000 Eni.

Take the East door on the second floor next to the save point to enter a cutscene. After the series of cutscenes and dialogue, players will enter a fight involving 5 knight-type enemies. Players should use the command button and use attack, attack, attack to maximize damage, while minimizing damage taken during the fight. Knocking enemies into each other at this point in the game is a big source of DPS so use it often.

Following the fight, more dialogue and cutscenes will play out until players regain control in another fight. Remember to use your command feature during the fight as the lone knight is somewhat tanky.

Players will enter Glitch Mode following the previous fight and will have to defeat Vio, a dark dragon. Use the attack, attack, then Glitch Mode attack in order to defeat Vio without letting it injure you.

Monsters’ stats Hard:
  • Heartis Guard 56 Hp 2 SP Sun Type
  • Executioner 130 HP 5 SP Sun Type
  • Executioner 759  12 SP Sun Type
  • Vio 1704 HP 10 SP Star Type(8520 HP)

Chapter 1

Players will gain control over of gameplay again in a hallway, turn right to open a chest containing 1 Palace Brick. Several cutscenes will occur then players will regain control where they left off with Lily and Shina. At the end of the corridor will be a room that contains a chest that contains 1 Elf Tonic. Exit the room by opening the doors, pick up the blue object under the stairs before moving towards the large foyer area.

Head towards the door to the right of the chest to enter the room. There will be an enemy if players approach him from the back or side it will trigger a “good encounter”.

Camping allows players to purchase wares from the merchant.

In the first floor if players are looking at the large center stairs, there will be a camp icon, head there to camp and save. Camping allows players to purchase items from the shop and to rest up which heals the party. Players can also talk to members of the party to unlock more dialogue.

Shop Wares

  • Patch 1.o
    • Costs 200 Eni
      • Heals 100 HP
  • Elf Tonic
    • Costs 600 Eni
      • Heals 100 SP
  • Enolef’s Ether
    • Costs 12,000 Eni
      • Heals 999 SP
  • Ogre Cold Brew
    • Costs 420 Eni
      • Fully revives all units within range
  • Panacea
    • Costs 100 Eni
      • Removes all debuffs and status effects
  • Calcolsmagear
    • Costs 600 Eni
      • 9 ATK, 40 MAT
  • Bulti Bow
    • Costs 1000 Eni
    • 150 HP, 22 ATK
  • Magic Bracelet Lv 1
    • Costs 1,750 Eni
      • 10 DEF, 25 MDF
  • Guard Bracelet Lv 1
    • Costs 3,000 Eni
      • 25 DEF, 10 MDF
  • Brawn Ring
    • Costs 40,000 Eni
      • 300 HP

Shop Sidequests

  • Tale of Triumph I
    • Subjugate/destroy 2 Donshon
      • Reward is 2000 Eni
  • What’s a Red Fruit?
    • Harvest 1 Red Fruit
      • Reward is 1000 Eni
  • Ring Fragment, Please!
    • Harvest 1 Ring Fragment
      • Reward is 1 Magic Bracelet Level 1

Leave the camp in that room and make a right to enter the door at the end of the descending stairs. Follow the hallway until players hit the ! on the floor to trigger a fight involving a lone Acoptis.

Acoptis: 1700 HP and 20 SP Stars Type

After the fight head towards the next ! on the map to find a Ghost Photo (picture of the real world park.) Before heading to the real world follow the left hallway towards the empty room with an enemy to find a Palace Key 1. Afterwards, leave that room and keep heading down the hallway that appears to be a dead end. It will lead to a bathroom with a chest with 1 Enolef’s Ether and Palace Key 2.

Continue towards the real world and investigate Enigma Games (Arata’s workplace) then Yamabushi Park (where the Ghost Photo depicts). Head to the locked door to the North and unlock it. Follow the hallway until players find an open room with a ! flag. An encounter will occur that players must choose how to proceed it. Help the NPC results in death, while Abandoning the NPC results in a fight. Enter the left room (North) and proceed towards the open door. Follow this path until the end and open the left door. Inside will be a chest containing 9,000 Eni and the Palace Key 3. Exit that room, unlock the door across, and obtain the Rusty Palace Key inside. Unlock the last 2 doors and touch the ! flag to enter a fight. Follow this passageway to the end ascending the stairs heading towards the ! mark on the map. Players will obtain a Diary then head to the new camp to save and rest.

Take a left and follow this path to the end which will have a open doorway that will leads downstairs. Before descending pick up the Bolate Sword (64 ATK)  then afterwards pick up the 7,000 Eni in a chest at the bottom of the stairs. Return up the stairs and enter the door with the green arrow at the top. This will lead players back to the second floor of the castle near the save point. Down the hall will be a Panacea in a chest, while on the opposite hall will have Heartis Gold and an Old Wing Bow in 2 more chests. Behind the locked door there will be an Ogre Cold Brew in a chest.

Enter the large doors near the save point upstairs to reach the top floor of the Heartis Palace. In this room will be 2 chests that contains 2 Patch 3.0 and 1 High-Elf Tonic. Then head to the real world as Arata to visit Takaikawa Town. There will be an event with 2 choices: “It couldn’t be paranormal” leads to death while “Run for it” progresses the story. Open the large main doors to activate a few cutscenes which allows players to face the boss of this chapter, Skala.

Boss: Skala

Skala will be a powerful opponent on Hard Mode with its large HP pool and its counter attacks. Its best to have Shina be the DPS source, while Lily provides heals. Players can also step over the Bug Tiles to slowly bug out Shina, as well as recover her SP to continue dealing heavy damage with her Moon type magic attacks. Lily will be pretty paper thin so its best to triple guard if she isn’t healing Shina. While it may be temping to have Lily enter Glitch Mode, if Skala counter attacks her she may die leaving Shina to solo the fight. Defeating Skala grants 4,800 Exp, 420 Eni, and 1 Code Salve 222.0.

Skala Stats: 27,500 HP, 50 SP, Sun Type

Players will obtain the item Pandemic (Enemy) after the ending cutscenes of this chapter.

To see this guide in action see it here:

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