Death End Re;Quest Landor Cave, The Uncharted Lands DLC Guide

Death End Re;Quest Landor Cave, The Uncharted Lands DLC Guide

Last updated on March 25th, 2019

In this Death End Re;Quest Landor Cave, The Uncharted Lands DLC Guide, I’ll be going over the Landor Cave, The Uncharted Lands locale and its boss. Death End Re;Quest is a unique RPG game that merges the typical JRPG and allows players to convert it into a fighting game, shooter, or even a slot game. There are other subtle quirks that the game possesses that will be simple to execute but difficult to master.

Death End Re;Quest Landor Cave, The Uncharted Lands DLC Guide

For this Death End Re;Quest DLC players will head to the Landor Cave, The Uncharted Lands locale trying to find a legendary sword that will lead them to fight several Entoma bosses they have defeated prior. This DLC is able to be accessed after completing Chapter 7.

Monsters in Landor Cave, The Uncharted Lands

  • Doggi 13,965 HP 15 SP ☾ Moon Type
  • Niltida 22,148 HP 15 SP ☾ Moon Type
  • Io 59,888 HP 25 SP ☾ Moon Type
  • Drimabro 13,700 HP 15 SP ☾ Moon Type
  • Meigaruhima 37,860 HP 20 SP ☾ Moon Type
  • Aplishia 42,545 HP 25 SP ☾ Moon Type
  • Pistou Chika 7,300 HP 25 SP ☾ Moon Type
  • Valmetro 52,000 HP 10 SP ★ Stars Type
  • Pusediv 22,145 HP 15 SP ★ Stars Type
  • Plaika 6,141 HP 15 SP ☾ Moon Type
  • Wilarlia 36,480 HP 30 SP ☀ Sun Type
  • Dueldomey 87,780 HP 25 SP ★ Stars Type
  • Tirepsi 13,630 HP 10 SP ☾ Moon Type
  • Tileval 20,560 HP 50 SP ☾ Moon Type
  • Miasupa 60,600 HP 25 SP ☀ Sun Type
  • Fantamoz 24,950 HP 10 SP ☀ Sun Type
  • Tanator Eye 92,240 HP 50 SP ☾ Moon Type
  • Apochi 7,840 HP 15 SP ☾ Moon Type
  • Volusanu 32,580 HP 15 SP ☀ Sun Type
  • Itsacliff 9,970 HP 20 SP ☾ Moon Type
  • Alcoz 34,230 HP 15 SP ☀ Sun Type
  • Shintorubi 35,880 HP 30 SP ☾ Moon Type
  • Sitereview 24,444 HP 30 SP ☀ Sun Type
  • Paranosis 23,930 HP 15 SP ☾ Moon Type
  • Pneva 19,820 HP 10 SP ☾ Moon Type
  • Nomorse 34,380 HP 50 SP ☾ Moon Type
  • Roinel 14,578 HP 15 SP ☀ Sun Type
  • Katatis 9,380 HP 10 SP ☀ Sun Type
  • Dias 22,600 HP 50 SP ★ Stars Type
  • Shinyapoldi 9,548 HP 30 SP ★ Stars Type
  • Bistei 9,000 HP 20 SP ☾ Moon Type
  • Sevastei 18,000 HP 35 SP ☾ Moon Type
  • Tiranitato 12,487 HP 25 SP ★ Stars Type
  • Actaio 46,987 HP 25 SP ☾ Moon Type

Landor Cave, The Uncharted Lands (Land of Dreams)

From the Landor Cave, The Uncharted Lands campsite, exit via the right-hand side then make a right to find a chest containing 1 Magic Bracelet Level Max. Proceed to the ! marker and then make your way to the left section of the map. There will be 1 Mid Ilune (312 ATK) to obtain on this path. Continue on this path until you see a fork and make a left. At the end will be 1 Mirage Fang Drive (211 ATK, 50 MAT, 80 AGI) Take the exit near the campsite to enter the Land of Fury.

Landor Volcano Cave (Land of Fury)

Make a quick right to engage with the ! marker and pick up the Anz Enze (300 ATK, 200 MAT, 180 MDF, 110 AGI) to the left of the area. Take the long path to the next ! marker, skipping the dead end path to the right. After the cutscene head back to the Land of Dreams locale.

Landor Cave, The Uncharted Lands (Land of Dreams)

Make your way to the 2 new ! markers to the left of the campsite. Once the cutscenes have been played, its time to enter the Land of Fury locale.

Landor Volcano Cave (Land of Fury)

Trigger the lone ! marker to see a cutscene involving the dreaded heat. Finally, the last ! marker will trigger a boss fight so make sure you’re ready for a fight!

Bosses: Bleeding Entomas

Bleeding Skala will counter all Star type skills protecting the other Entoma Araful from them as this is its weakness. In this case it is best to first eliminate Skala before going after the other Entomas. For my party composition I used Shina, Lucil, and Clea. Our goal for this fight is to eliminate the Bleeding Skala as soon as possible, so then we can use Star type skills on Araful. If you want to know more about each characters strengths and weakness check out our Death End Re;Quest All Girls Guide.

  • Bleeding Sol Blast 150,000 HP 40 SP ☀  Sun Type 100% corruption
    • Achedial
    • Pollution ☀ Sun Type
  • Bleeding Skala 400,000 HP 50 SP ☀ Sun Type 100% corruption
    • Spinal Shake
    • Skala Code ☀ Sun Type
    • Bite ☀ Sun Type
  • Bleeding Araful 720,000 HP 95 SP ☾ Moon Type 100% corruption
    • Araful Code ☾ Moon Type
    • Bite ☾ Moon Type

Bleeding Sol Blast

Players can have Lucil use Deathstroke Therapy on Clea to start the fight, while using Phoenix Ray on Bleeding Sol Blast and Bleeding Skala. Always attempt to position Lucil near bug tiles to have her buggy effect activate after her turn. Next have Shina use Trally Bloom, Lunamis Diapathy, and Rokudian on the bosses. Hopefully the poison effect from Rokudian will activate allowing us to shave 80,000 to 144,000 HP from them.

Bleeding Araful

Build Clea into a physical attacker so she can be your DPS Queen for this match. Use triple Azure Bullet on Skala and Sol Blastas they are weak to ☾ Moon type attacks. Once Bleeding Skala is defeated have Lucil use the Starbeam skills on Bleeding Araful while Shina uses Triple Stareig on Araful. Clea should still be using Azure Bullets. If need be, summon your favorite Entoma Queen to assist in this battle.

Bleeding Skala

Defeating the trio of Bleeding Entomas grants players 597,600 Exp, 130,400 Eni*, 1 Code Salve 222.0, 1 Enolef’s Ether, and 1 Ultra Ogre Brew. Clea was used in this fight thus Eni earned will be higher than normal.

Following this guide you will have successfully completed the Landor Cave, The Uncharted Lands DLC area!

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